Part of the road that was swept away in the landslide||Picture Courtesy:Dhruv Khanna
Landslide on INOX Access Road
Manipal: Heavy rains and soil erosion has triggered a landslide, causing a land cave on the access [...]
Road safety is of utmost importance for a safer town || Picture Courtesy: Medha Jha
Road safety: A growing concern
Manipal: Since the beginning of this year, Manipal has witnessed the imposition of strict rules to [...]
SOC students promote beach cleanliness through street play.
Kalamanch spreading awareness
Mangalore: SOC students and members of the club Kala Manch  put up a street play on Sunday, April [...]
A serving of Popiah (spring roll) || Picture Courtesy: Shalini Raman
Food Fest With A Cause
Manipal: Manipal College of Dental Sciences (MCODS) held a Malaysian Food Fest on the 17 and 18 [...]
Landslide on INOX Access Road
Manipal: Heavy rains [...]
Road safety: A growing concern
Manipal: Since the [...]
Kalamanch spreading awareness
Mangalore: SOC [...]
Road under construction
Manipal: The road [...]
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Suyash Kumar
"A student has no business being out at 2 am in the night". Is he serious? SMH - Read the post.
Varsha Singh
Oh my god....u just ripped my mind out...I was just mumbling the same thoughts in my mind what I am reading here!!!! Good to see some down hard right people... - Read the post.
Collin Furtado
Nice piece. I beg to differ on the young Superintendent's comments that it is only the demand side of the drug problem in Manipal. It has more to do with the supply side of drugs in Manipal. For years the cops in Manipal have given a blind eye to this problem and may on occasions have benefited from the operations of these so called drug peddlers (many of who might I add are locals from or around Manipal). The police force need to crack down on the suppliers who have by now achieved the status of 'Drug Lords' and who now wield power and influence. Harassing students won't help, it will just aggregate the issue. However, he is right when it comes to students abusing the freedom. Manipal is filled with many over-rich brats whose wallets are loaded with their parents cash making them think that gives them the right to do anything they want to whenever they want. This includes disturbing the piece and causing problems for the locals. - Read the post.
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