The Rangoli Man – Mahesh Rao || Picture Courtesy: Aaditya Karnam
Rangoli: A man’s cup of tea
Udupi/Manipal: Aged 28, Mahesh Rao graduated from an engineering college in Belgaum, and could have [...]
Performance by S. Mangala from Bengaluru || Picture Courtesy: Vinayak Tripathi
Feminist take on Natyashastra
Manipal: The Dr. T.M.A Pai Chair for Indian Literature explored a feminist approach towards [...]
Tug of war at the Onam celebration || Picture Courtesy: Dhruv Khanna
Onam Aashamshakal!
Manipal: The Malayali students of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) organized their annual Onam [...]
Sumit Pande delivering a guest lecture in SOC || Picture Courtesy: Ankit Singh
CNN-IBN’s Political Editor’s take on journalism
Manipal: Sumit Pande, the Political Editor of CNN-IBN delivered a guest lecture on August 22 at [...]
Rangoli: A man’s cup of tea
Udupi/Manipal: Aged [...]
Feminist take on Natyashastra
Manipal: The Dr. T.M [...]
Onam Aashamshakal!
Manipal: The [...]
Is judicial activism the need of the hour?
The Judiciary [...]
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When will the shows resume? Been waiting for over a month and till now, there is no news. Pls update - Read the post.
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"A student has no business being out at 2 am in the night". Is he serious? SMH - Read the post.
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Oh my god....u just ripped my mind out...I was just mumbling the same thoughts in my mind what I am reading here!!!! Good to see some down hard right people... - Read the post.
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