Harsh Mander along with Dr Nandini Lakshmikantha inaugurates Article 19 by lighting up candles || [...]
Article-19 dedicated to martyred journalists
Manipal: Article 19, the annual core communication festival of the School of Communication (SOC) [...]
Superintendent of Police, Udupi District K. Annamalai || Photo Courtesy : Internet
We are only enforcing existing rules more strictly: SP Annamalai
In the wake of the Manipal police clampdown, TMJ caught up with the new Superintendent of Police, [...]
One of the scenes from a short play done by Dramanon Manipal || Photo Courtesy : Venumadhav Bhat M
Dramanon celebrates Valentine’s day with Comikaze
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Kartik poses with bike during the journey || Photo Courtesy : Kartik Varma
Across The Country in 28 Days
You wouldn’t expect your average engineering student to ride a bicycle all the way till Delhi, on [...]
Article-19 dedicated to martyred journalists
Manipal: Article 19 [...]
We are only enforcing existing rules more strictly: SP...
In the wake of the [...]
Dramanon celebrates Valentine’s day with Comikaze
Manipal: On [...]
Across The Country in 28 Days
You wouldn’t [...]
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Collin Furtado
Nice piece. I beg to differ on the young Superintendent's comments that it is only the demand side of the drug problem in Manipal. It has more to do with the supply side of drugs in Manipal. For years the cops in Manipal have given a blind eye to this problem and may on occasions have benefited from the operations of these so called drug peddlers (many of who might I add are locals from or around Manipal). The police force need to crack down on the suppliers who have by now achieved the status of 'Drug Lords' and who now wield power and influence. Harassing students won't help, it will just aggregate the issue. However, he is right when it comes to students abusing the freedom. Manipal is filled with many over-rich brats whose wallets are loaded with their parents cash making them think that gives them the right to do anything they want to whenever they want. This includes disturbing the piece and causing problems for the locals. - Read the post.
shivakant menon
How conveniently stupid of him. Lathi charges have happened several times for the past many years. And yet he can shove that horrendous act by acting ignorance. Whereas students now have to show movie tickets, food bills, id proof and what not to entertain these cowards who don't have the time or confidence to go hunting down the looters and sexual abusers that roam around manipal. I can visualise the future pretty well. Police men having a jolly good time interfering with student's personal affairs and forgetting why they were made police in the first place. Shame. - Read the post.
Satyajith C
Well said but there are a few points i would like to point out. 1. The curfew is being established so that the the people who indulge in drugs at least don't come out of their houses and disturb the harmony of the rest of the people. 2. The drug raids MUST be carried out. Whether they have evidence or not is a secondary thing. It's your responsibility to co-operate with the police. There's nothing to feel embarrassed if a police raid takes place in your home. You should rather feel proud that they are doing a good job in eradicating drugs. 3. "Instead of asking us to stay home because of rapists, ask the rapists to stay home". How do the police differentiate between rapists and ordinary men? Wouldn't it be a better option if everyone stayed inside their homes? A restriction free world is what everyone desires, but when provided with it, we misuse it. One of the deceased in the incident is a close friend of mine. I feel such rules must be implemented to prevent any further loss of life. - Read the post.
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