Superbrawl outside KMC boys hostels4 min read

August 18, 2010 3 min read


Superbrawl outside KMC boys hostels4 min read

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“***** Nepali! Hath kaise lagaya tune ?? *****, Bihar ka rehne wala hoon mein,” went the audio amidst violent visuals of an enraged medical student pouncing on a ‘Nepali’ doberman.

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Groups of running students. Not a scene expected to accompany one’s walk down the KMC hostel road on a random night, unless it be a charity marathon. Their destination– the site of a crazy student mounted on his bike surrounded by Campus Patrol security men. Crazy maybe not mentally, but in most probability alcoholic-ally.


“He was speeding crazily down the Amartya Sen hostel road. Then he stopped, turned his bike and came to us,” said first year MBBS student of KMC. TMJ knows better than to mention his name. So let’s call him ‘Insider’. And maybe the crazy student, ‘The Villain’.

The story as told by Insider –

9.15 pm, outside Nehru Boys Hostel. The Villain stops his ride before 9 KMC freshers, including our Insider. Each of them were asked to give an intro. The usual build up to what is a seemingly harmless case of ‘ragging’, thought Insider.

9.25 pm, the scene gets vulgar. One of the innocent freshers was caught by the neck and shouted at to give a better intro. (The dialogues are not worth mentioning as it would read only as ****s. Also, understand that all this while, the security men outside KMC hostels were simply watching).

Maybe a few minutes later, one of the securitymen realise it is getting late for them hostelites. Politely, The Villain is asked to leave. Even more politely The Villain tried to talk him into a bribe.

9.30 pm, Campus Patrol vehicle drives into this chaotic atmosphere. The Villain slyly tried to slip away. The victims tell the security officer of the happenings and before the culprit could sneak off he was stopped a few paces away.


Initially MAHE Security officer G Babukrishnan seemed a man with authority. He started questioning the student on rash driving and an act of ragging. But as soon as The Villain shouted, “Mere uncle Bangalore ke DIG hai, ” our Mahe security man’s interrogation assumed a tone of respect referring to him as ‘aap’.

This was followed by Campus Patrol doberman (TMJ will call him ‘Security’), checking The Villain’s belongings on his bike. This simple act resulted in The Villain fuming and abusing him, “***** Nepali! Hath kaise lagaya tune ?? *****, Bihar ka rehne wala hoon mein…”

As The Villain’s pitch got louder, his actions also got more violent with the doberman. He got off his bike and screamed about how he would get his DIG uncle to ‘****’ Security’s job. He chased the helpless doberman around. “We cannot do anything to students. We are here to protect them. Even if I defend myself, an enquiry will be filed into my actions,” said the traumatised Security as he pleaded with the vicitims to file a complaint. He also told TMJ that he simply touched The Villain’s plastic bag suspecting alcoholic contents.

So what was Babu doing? Nothing but still being diplomatic. (Maybe Babu wanted a transfer to Bangalore.) “Honestly, I think this was definitely Babu Sir’s mistake,” confided another security officer. Babu, in his defense, reinforced Security’s woes saying, “We don’t have enough power to do anything to students.”

Insider sadly could not trust those who are meant to keep him safe, and filed an anonymous complaint with the Chief Warden. “I’m still unsure as to whether I should have even given my contact number in the complaint. But I feel that such issues, if left untold, can only get worse,” said Insider.


The Villain’s ID card was confiscated by Babu (Bravo, Babu!) and he revealed that The Villain was a B.Pharm student from batch of 2005 (so possibly a KMC intern currently, we dont know). TMJ can reveal his name to be Sachin Gupta. Also his bike registration number to be KA 03 EC 8556, thanks to Insider.

As the show got over with Gupta racing scot-free through stunned security personnel and students, the Security showed TMJ reporters the bruises on his neck, Insider was still in a dilemma whether the complaint was worth the risk and Babu…

Well Babu was still awaiting the Chief Security Officer’s arrival to take the ‘necessary’ action.

“We keep your campus safe” read Campus Patrol vehicles… RIGHT!