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Sept 27 2010: The damned verdict2 min read

September 26, 2010 2 min read


Sept 27 2010: The damned verdict2 min read

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The term ‘verdict’ has accumulated so much importance since the last few weeks for all Indians that to see past it becomes difficult. Even for TMJ.

The word carries a different meaning for different people. For some it is about clearing a shrouded past, childhood belief and even their way of life. For some it hurts, stings, pains and pokes harsh feelings only they could describe.

Even in the other-wise indifferent town of Manipal, there was a silent buzz around this word. A word which became an event on the calendars. Whether such a historic law suit’s judgement meant planning Goa or Gokarna trips is of not much importance here. But what is important is, the country as a whole, from the youngest of its knowledgeable members to the oldest are hooked on to the media to feed them with what becomes of the legendary case.

Pushing the verdict date for the Ayodhya case did not make much sense; nothing does these days in the country. Every official and legal institution was made a joke of. The whole country prepares for it, more carefully than Iraqi civilians who stayed beneath roofs that could have been blown apart any moment, and then as if it were an Indian soap, the suspense is kept ‘after the break’.

Manipal University after long talks finally decided to release the circulars declaring holiday, sticks the notice up on all college boards, few students might have even booked tickets to return home and what happens next; within moments there is a new notice with ‘CANCELLED’ in bold.

Placing a personal opinion here, the verdict may still be pushed further. Doing so gives a new bench to look into it after Oct 1 which means few more months and the verdict would come too close to CWG which… let’s not get anywhere near that event.

TMJ was first in Udupi to bring DC Hemalatha’s decisions and the next day too we were the first website to alert students of the Univerisity’s decision(s). The confusion was so much that including University and Police officials, nobody knew what was happening and two reports were prepared simultaneously, one reading University declares leave, the other that it did not.

On 27th eve, the confusion shall prevail once again if the verdict date is not changed. So students in Manipal, shall once again been seen in all travel agencies and TMJ reporters shall once again be ready to alert all readers if any decisions are made by MU.

Hopefully the country will be done with the damned verdict on 28th September.

shivakant menon