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Nov 29 2010: Signing Off2 min read

November 28, 2010 2 min read


Nov 29 2010: Signing Off2 min read

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As another semester concludes, we as a team need a breather too.

This semester has been fruitful and ricocheted surprising results to our efforts. While we managed to have 224 visitors on the site at a single point of time and also hit the 3000 story views on one day, we have also kept the promise of bringing in regular updates from all over Manipal. Through stories received well and otherwise, we continued our quest for unbiased news.

Regular readers may have noticed, a new team of reporters, photographers and sub-editors has been recruited to further our strife to keep you updated. We did not need to pass the passion that kept us going on to them, as they came with it.

As always, we are left yearning for more. To be better at what we do and to grow, as an organisation and as individuals. To be as close to ‘being-perfect’ as possible.

On the whole, the semester has left TMJ and its members with much to think. Keeping all that in mind, we will come back with our patent zest next semester and deliver as we have been doing for the past three years.

Till we recharge our batteries, the website will not completely shut down as used to be the case every semester end. From Nov 15, TMJ has not had any of its reporters covering any story first-hand, and the same will be the case through the break. Occasionally there will be updates of events from press releases that we recieve from Manipal. No news stories shall be reported for the period but the blogs section shall be open and inviting though.

The website will be live with news reports from Jan 15. We hope to bring in the new year with new promise and do what we do best – report news from Manipal like nobody else does. During this period, our regular readers and visitors of the site may take a moment to help us better TMJ. Visit http://www.facebook.com/themanipaljournal and post in your valuable feedback.

Wishing all our visitors, in advance, a very Happy New Year!

shivakant menon