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Jan 15 2011: Post Limbo1 min read

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Jan 15 2011: Post Limbo1 min read

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The start of a New Year may only be a change in numbers but for the team that works for TMJ, it is a reason to begin and implement new ideas. Over the past year, the website has grown tremendously in terms of hits and story views and readers in general. TMJ has become a name to reckon with in the town of Manipal, more than ever before. But what we missed out a little on has been strong news with an impact. News that changes things for the better. News that has the power to question wrong authority and criminal actions.

The current team will shift come April. And until then the responsibility lies with us to ensure such news is delivered amidst the hurry to expand the website. To make sure TMJ does not lose out on the core values it was created for.

Even on the global media scene, it has been seen that true freedom of Press is ridiculed by the governments and institutions that run the people. To fight a powerful suppression is only one small part of running an unbiased news reporting organisation.

Over the coming months the website will undergo minor changes to its technical workings, but none that may show signs to our readers. Along with re-furnishing technical aspects of TMJ, the academic semester will prove to be one where as always news is kept before everything, where news is the priority.

Support TMJ by voicing your opinions, problems and concerns either by sending a mail or by logging on to the Facebook page by the name of ‘themanipaljournal’.

Wishing all readers a wonderful new year.

shivakant menon