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Fadia hacks Manipal2 min read

February 6, 2011 2 min read


Fadia hacks Manipal2 min read

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Manipal: “Do you use Google for searching information? Do you use an antivirus? Do you have a Gmail or Yahoo! or any email account? Do NOT use them,” stated Ankit Fadia in the beginning of his workshop. That set the tone for the rest of it.

Ankit Fadia, one of India’s best computer security and digital intelligence consultants was in Manipal on Feb 6th for a seminar on Ethical Hacking held at Chaitya Hall, Valley View Hotel. The event was organised by the Institution of Engineers Computer Science and Engineering (IE-CSE), student’s chapter, Manipal .

The event started with the simple exercise of finding out one another’s IP addresses, making participants aware of the IP vulnerability. He later gave solutions to access blocked websites like facebook, twitter, torrents, etc on university and corporate organisations’ networks. He told the attendees that any site could be accessed through Internet Proxy Servers however strong the security blocking level of the institute or organisation may be.

The workshop gathered momentum when he revealed how a laptop or computer could be hacked to the extent of giving the hacker control of the keyboard, the cursor movement, the system volume settings and especially switching on the webcam of a person without him/her even being aware of it. He later explained ways of hiding or changing the IP and MAC addresses of systems to avoid tracing the location of activity.

Fadia took the audience by surprise when he asked someone to voluntarily come up and log into his/her email which he claimed he could hack in seconds. “I was very thrilled when I went on stage and he hacked my password showing it to the audience. I hope he doesn’t misuse it and I’m sure he won’t as he has better work to do,” said Kunal Mehta, a third year MIT student who volunteered for this.

The high point came when Fadia hacked into the DTDC (a courier service company) website by injecting a simple SQL code. He also demonstrated that the iON connection provided by Manipal University was not secure and hacked into it to prove it. Later he gave away cracks for hacking mobile devices, email spoofing, stegnography, Trojans, etc.

Although the seminar was on ‘Ethical Hacking’, Fadia used the space to show that what is supposedly ‘unethical’ is more important for people to know. He said that ‘ethical’ hacking is only a term created by the community of hackers to distinguish themselves from ‘crackers’.

“The seminar received a good response as there were about 200 registrations and we had students from MIT, MIC, KMC, NIT – Surathkal, etc participating,” said Arnab Sen Gupta, Convener of the Technical Student Chapter.


Sub-edited by: Lijo Thampy