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Frustrated students plan attack on I-On servers2 min read

March 1, 2011 2 min read


Frustrated students plan attack on I-On servers2 min read

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Manipal: In what appears to be an outrage against I-On, Manipal University’s internet service providers, a group of students have planned to bring down the I-On servers by conducting a DoS (Denial of Service) attack on them.

The attack, TMJ can exclusively reveal, is intended to be carried out on Mar 27th from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The event, which was initiated on the social networking site Facebook by the name DOS (Denial of Service) Attack on ION Network, is gaining momentum and currently has over 54 attendees who have agreed to extend their support for the attack. The creator of the event, under the false name of Fresko Chukasha (formerly Chintoo Makhijaat), claims in the event description that all the attendees involved with the attack will be safe and in no way will their physical or digital identities be exposed to the I-On officials. The event was originally slated to be held on Feb 27th but failed to be carried out as the organisers were ‘unable to find a 100% fool-proof solution to conceal the identity of the attackers.’

Fresko, when contacted via Facebook said, “The attack will be carried out with the similar trick that Ankit Fadia showed in his workshop last month. But it’ll be done on a larger scale with all precautions to make sure that they (I-On officials) don’t find out who we are.”

A DoS attack makes use of a large number of compromised systems for attack on a single target which can result in temporary disruption of the internet service. If conducted properly it can cause a huge financial setback to the service providers. Also, if disrupted, the networks might take atleast 5 to 6 hours to get back to normal.

When contacted, an official of the I-On network administration on condition of anonymity said, “Our network is highly secure and it is not possible to conduct a DoS attack. If something like this happens, we have specific departments who will trace them and take care of it. The involved people, if found guilty, will be treated and charged as per MU guidelines and cyber laws of our country.”

The students have been facing connection problems earlier as well and TMJ had reported the same in the past. Abhijeet Singh, an MIT student residing in 17th Block (MIT Hostel), when asked about the connectivity said, “I never get the I-On connection in my room. Other people living on the same floor had complained in the past but to no result.”


Sub-edited by: Divya Lad