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Mar 14 2011: Manipal, issues, indifference and TMJ2 min read

March 13, 2011 2 min read


Mar 14 2011: Manipal, issues, indifference and TMJ2 min read

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Sadly, not many institutions exist to question authority when it does wrong. The issue is surely not pertaining only to Manipal but to the country as a whole. But, Manipal enjoys its own luxurious ways of silencing its problems, for example – the Walter Samuel story, where the police had only to test his urine or blood for evidence of marijuana or other drugs even after the culprit told the police of his extensive usage. For sure it probably didnt strike Manipal’s competent police or maybe some one told them not to do so. You never know. A laptop stealing student sounds better on paper than a marijuana and weed addict.

The police (again) that silenced an incident that happened and blatantly lied, covered in the report ‘The Lathi charge that wasnt’ shows how ridiculously simple a task it is to lie. Officially.

The point to understand and not miss out on, is that things are left easily. Way too easily. Deaths, suicides, drugs, killings, rape etc. It is a shame that the reaction from the side of Manipal as a community of students is nil. Indifference doesn’t kill, but when it breeds, then it is as bad as killing.

Most of these issues have rarely or never been covered by this team. Mainly pertaining to official, sentimental, personal and individualistic issues which stop objective news from being formed. A couple of weeks more and the current Editorial Team shall step away from the daily functioning of this website. Another set of minds shall take up the task. Whatever and how much ever the change internally, TMJ shall remain rooted to its cause of being that one little David that tries, atleast, to question the Goliath on its wrong doings. And support from readers will be the added weapon.

shivakant menon