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Mar 25 2011: TMJ starts new section ‘Environs’2 min read

March 24, 2011 2 min read


Mar 25 2011: TMJ starts new section ‘Environs’2 min read

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TMJ started a new section named ‘Environs’ from March 23rd. Before getting into what the section will contain, the meaning of Environs as a word, and what it means to TMJ and its readers is crucial. Environs refers to one’s surroundings and neighborhood. Thus all activities pertaining to environmental degradation or upgradation, however rarely it happens, around Manipal, and the district of Udupi shall fall into this category. It is a way by which TMJ does its little bit to activate support for the collapsing nature. Readers must understand the fact that Environs is different from all other sections of News. It will involve a photo gallery within certain reports and this is required as without defining problems through visuals, environment and degradation can never be completely described.

The first set of reports is based on the boiling issue related to UPCL power plant. Strong voices are being heard from a protesting community that is ever growing in size. Environs is about environment and thus, it is important to note that although most articles filed under it will try and be ‘objective’, there will always be some form of bias for one side. That side is not of humans, but the environment. Environmental journalism does not and cannot categorize supporting the environment as a form of biased journalism. There is way too much dirty activity prevalent within the human community against nature. This may sound like an activist’s approach but why else would journalism and media be called the ‘fourth pillar’, if not for standing strong when all the other three fall.

The section would have flexibility of its own when it comes to the writing style of article and reports. Travelogues that go beyond simply describing the scenic beauty and tries to understand the essence or problems of the place shall fall under Environs.

Hoping readers of TMJ find the initiative useful, meaningful and impactful.

shivakant menon