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Manipal extends support to Lokpal Bill2 min read

April 8, 2011 2 min read


Manipal extends support to Lokpal Bill2 min read

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Manipal: Students of Manipal, united for a cause in support of Anna Hazare’s fast unto death to pass the Jan Lokpal Bill in  Parliament, by organising a rally and signature campaign on April 8 . The Jan Lokpal Bill, if implemented, will form an institution called Lokpal at the centre and a Lokayukta in each state which will act as deterrent and instill fear against corruption.

A 20-strong group of students and faculty members of Manipal Centre for Philosophy and Humanity (MCPH) formed a group at Tiger Circle (TC) and marched towards Kamath Circle (KC) where a bigger procession was to be held. However the march was disrupted halfway when the group reached near Manipal Police Station. The police officials asked the group to disperse peacefully since they didn’t have permission that was to be obtained. The group later joined the rally at KC.

KC saw a large crowd that had come forward to support the bill and against the corruption currently prevailing in the country. The crowd voiced their protests against corrupt politicians and raised slogans of Anna Hazare being the next Mahatma Gandhi.  “This is the anger of the youth against corruption and they wanted to let it out and Anna Hazare has given us a platform to do so”, said Shashank Tulsyan, one of the organisers and a MIT 3rd year Mechanical engineering student.

The rally slowly picked up at 7.30 pm covering the distance between KC and MIT Quadrangle in half hour. The procession was joined midway by many people, swelling to one of over 100 people. At 8 pm, the National Anthem was sung, as a part of the affair also being carried out in over 400 towns and cities at the same time. Later, talks were given by some students and faculty members. Speaking to the students gathered, Vittaleshwar Alapati, Professor of MCPH said, “Corruption in India will end when the children of these corrupted people will ask how they have money to fulfill their materialistic needs?” The students were told the shocking 13 digit figures of various scams that had happened in the country and how this public money could have been efficiently used in various different ways.

Aakansha Sunil Pevakar , one of the organisers, pointed out that there was a lack of awareness in Manipal in relation to the bill and it was important to organise such rallies for raising that awareness. Zorwar Singh, an MIT 3rd year student who attended the rally said, “If we don’t react against corruption, we are at a loss and it’s we who have the potential to curb it.” The students later were made to sign individual petition letters as part of the signature campaign addressing the Prime Minister of India. “We received about 300 letters today and we’ll keep it open for one week”, said Tanay Pratap, one of the organisers.

The rally was held peacefully under the supervision of the campus patrol who provided security throughout the event.


Sub-edited by: Vrinda Manocha