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Students protest against MIT Hostels ‘discrimination’2 min read

May 3, 2011 2 min read


Students protest against MIT Hostels ‘discrimination’2 min read

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Manipal: The management of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) Hostels struck a major blow to the students of Manipal Institute of Management (MIM), Manipal Institute of Communication (MIC) and Manipal Institute of Jewellery Management (MIJM) from the hostels, refusing to commit to providing them hostel rooms for the next semester.

After a wave of rumours spread through campus the previous week, students who applied to hostels starting May 1 were told that they could apply for hostel rooms, but could not be guaranteed accommodation. When contacted by TMJ, Ramesha C, Chief Warden of MIT Hostels said, “We are short of rooms for our (MIT) students by almost a  thousand rooms. I am in talks with the MU officials and most probably they’ll be accommodated elsewhere.” No circular pertaining to the matter has been issued till now.

Reacting to this, Komal Deepak Kakade, a first year student of MIJM said, “I am against this. Even we are students of Manipal University and they have to provide us accommodation.”

“The first year students and the others shouldn’t have a problem,” said Col. Shanbhag, Director of MIJM. “I will be speaking to the Manipal University officials and it will be sorted out.”

A number of MIC students went to the chief warden office seeking an explanation, but received no assurance of accommodation. “It is very frustrating. They should have informed us earlier,” said Sabina Bista, a first year MIC student. “Now we have the option of either searching for a new place or studying for our exams next week.”

“Students are saying we should write a petition. Why should we fight for something which is our right anyway?,” said Titaas Mitra, a second year MIC student. “They told us that MIT would be given preference in room allotment before we would, because they are ‘MIT Hostels’. Aren’t we all part of the same university? ”

Varadesh Hiregange, Director of MIC said, “I have come to know about this and I have written an official letter to the Chief Warden and University authorities”.

“When parents come to Manipal to enroll their children, they assume that they will be provided accommodation for all their years of study,” said Anitha S, a parent who came to Manipal from Surathkal, to speak to the Chief Warden. “The hostel authorities are not doing the right thing by forcing children into uncomfortable hostels, and not letting them retain their rooms. However, the Chief Warden assured us that a meeting will be held with representatives from all colleges and that students will be notified of their accommodation before they leave for the holidays.”

The Chief Warden declined to comment further.

With the future unclear, many students have already started looking for other options such as shifting to rented flats.


Sub-edited by: Vrinda Manocha