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Aug 1 2011: TMJ goes live1 min read

August 1, 2011 < 1 min read


Aug 1 2011: TMJ goes live1 min read

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Manipal is a town where change is the only constant. Whether it’s new courses being introduced, fresh faces joining the student population or unfamiliar buildings rising like modern megaliths into the sky, students seldom return from summer vacation to find everything the way they left it.

The Manipal Journal is back this semester with a new team and new ideas, but with the old resolve and determination to bring you solid stories as they happen. A warm welcome to our regular readers; we hope that you will remain as involved as you have always been, and send us your photos, blogs, comments and feedback. To our new readers, we hope that will you enjoy discovering Manipal’s diversity through our coverage and join the ranks of our loyal readers.

Expect a few surprises as we approach TMJ’s fourth anniversary on September 3. It’s been an eventful journey for the website as it passed each year from the hands of one passionate team to another, and the members have always worked towards honest and unbiased journalism. In an age where the media has been dubbed as unethical and sensational, TMJ aims to break that stereotype, and bring forth unvarnished news pertaining to our readers.

Vrinda Manocha

Acting Editor-in-Chief

Meet the new team:

Editor-in-Chief: Aditya Valliathan Pillai

Chief of Bureau: Mridhula Raghavan

News Editor: Vrinda Manocha

Features Editor: Garima Goel


1) Aditi Mishra

2) Deeksha Awasthi

3) Ramya Achanta

4) Deepali Swadha

5) Gopi Shah

6) Harsha Pillai

7) Isha Parida

8) Natasha Mendon

9) Sabari Saran

10) Sableen Minhas

11) Shilpa Ranipeta

12) Tasneem Jivi

13) Vishakh Unnikrishnan

Sub- Editors:

1) Lijo Thampy

2) Narayanan G.

Chief Photographer: Rinish R


1) Amara Singamsetty

2) Gerson Pearson

3) Pujita Bandaru

Technical and Web design Head: Sabari Saran