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Fire breaks out in MIT Regency Hostel1 min read

August 18, 2011 2 min read


Fire breaks out in MIT Regency Hostel1 min read

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Manipal: The top floor of the Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) Regency Hostel was gutted in a fire which broke out on August 18 at round 3.30pm. No injuries were reported. The fire did not affect the living quarters of the hostel.

The fire station was informed and two fire rescue vehicles reached the spot by 4 p.m. The fire broke out on the top floor near the terrace, and, thus, did not spread to the lower floors and reach the rooms. “A student saw the fire first and rushed to me. I informed the warden and called the fire station,” said Bhushan Chandra Shah, the security guard stationed at Regency block. All the students in the hostel rushed out as soon as they heard of the fire. Since the fire took place during class hours, there were only a few students in the hostel and there wasn’t much chaos, he added.

“As a big fire broke out, the fire extinguishers couldn’t control the fire. The fireman used the water from the tank to control it, said Ashok Rao, Chief Security Officer of MIT. After the incident, there was no water or electricity in the block. It was said that both would be arranged for within a few hours.

Since Regency is an AC hostel, it is being assumed that the fire took place due to a short circuit. The damage to property hasn’t been determined but it is known that the fire damaged the tank on the top floor and the paint on the walls.The Chief Warden and other faculty inspected the site.


Sub-edited by: Vrinda Manocha