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September 3, 2011: TMJ turns 42 min read

September 4, 2011 2 min read


September 3, 2011: TMJ turns 42 min read

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Dear readers,

TMJ has entered its fouth year of operations. To commemorate this, we thought we’d bring you a special in-depth series on the Manipal you didn’t know. We plan on bringing you stories that tell you things about this little town that you might not be aware of or have heard only in passing. Manipal’s large student floating population means interesting stories get lost and find rebirth every few years; it is this chasm that The Manipal Journal will attempt to fill partially over the next few days.

Manipal has seen some interesting stories over the past weeks that have been covered in some detail on the site. Stories like the student drug bust and the introduction of a no-parking zone on the Manipal main road instantly, and quite understandably, found their way into the great Manipal rumour mill. TMJ’s coverage ensures that half facts are put to rest and the truth comes to light. Continue checking our site regularly for reliable news you can count on. The new team is committed, as ever, to bringing you unbiased, trustworthy news the day it happens.

Please continue to comment on our stories. The site becomes more than just a repository for Manipal’s goings-on when you type your thoughts out and hit that comment button. It becomes a forum for debate. Send us your pictures and blogs that you think need to be seen and read by your fellow readers. Most importantly, do no hesitate to send us an idea for a story you think needs to be covered. You can be our eyes and ears on the ground, you can help bring to light an issue that’s been troubling you or is something to celebrate. You can make a difference. Our reporters will hit the phone lines and the offices of men and women in postions and power or responsibility and bring you the real story. Get your story out there.

Aditya Valiathan Pillai