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Endpoint to become MU-exclusive zone1 min read

October 14, 2011 2 min read


Endpoint to become MU-exclusive zone1 min read

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Manipal: The wide tarred road leading to End Point has been gated for quite some time now, giving the passerby reason to wonder why he has to use the muddy, pothole-ridden alternative. As for those who think they can sneak in through the gate, a Doberman security guard stationed at the entrance will be cause for disappointment.

Manipal University (MU) plans to make End Point accessible only to its students and staff, barring the typically large and diverse crowd that throngs there in the evenings from enjoying the popular spot. “We plan to open the gates soon and students with combo cards will be allowed to use that road and also park their vehicles inside,” said Col. P.S. Muthanna, Chief Security Officer, MU.

The whole of End Point – including the tarred road, jogging track, gardens and football grounds – belongs to and is maintained by MU. A wall of separation is currently being built by government authorities between End Point and the District Commissioner’s office. This will result in everyone taking the main tarred road to go to End Point once the construction of the office is completed.

“It is known that this place belongs to MU but it would be nice if they allowed the locals to use this road as well,” feels Sudhindra Shetty, a local person who works with Vijaya Bank and visits End Point often.

Students however seem to welcome this idea. “This proposal is a good move as it will restrict the local people from entering the grounds. We can now use it without much hassle,” said Jatin Agarwal, a third year student of Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MCOPS).


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