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DC office requires wide scale demolition along Endpoint road3 min read

February 20, 2012 2 min read


DC office requires wide scale demolition along Endpoint road3 min read

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Manipal: The reason for the demolished shops, wasted bricks and weathered stones indiscriminately strewn along the Endpoint road, right from Syndicate Circle and past the .edu building, is the construction of a widened approach road to the newly erected District Commissioner’s (DC) office at Endpoint.

Unauthorised parts of established shops, salons and restaurants have been cleared from encroached areas. They have been made to shift elsewhere to make way for the expansion.

Udupi District Commissioner Dr. M.T. Reju told TMJ, “I agree that the expansion of road is due to the establishing of DC office, but more than that, it is to develop the area from the Syndicate junction to the DC office at Endpoint.” The expansion will take around six to eight months with a total expenditure of Rs.1.75 crore that shall be sanctioned in the next financial year. It is a part of the master plan that also involves the widening of the Perempally road (which joins the Endpoint road near China Valley) to 80 feet. “10 percent of the people were not cooperative but we had to convince them”, said Dr. Reju.

The 10 year old vermiculture project set up opposite Mandavi Emerald along the Endpoint road will be shifting to Endpoint in late February this year. “It is not by choice that we are shifting the project. It is an order by the DC as that land belongs to the government,” said K. S. Jaivittal, Estate Officer of Manipal University (MU).

Some businesses established along the encroached land are not complaining. Vaishali Nayak, owner of Profile salon said, “I have been running this business for the past 20 years now, I always knew someday we would have to clear the area because the land was encroached upon.” She added that all she had to do was clear the front porch that was on the government’s land.

Other businesses have suffered from the shift. Teaze, a juice bar, had to leave its original premises and shift few metres down the road to private land. Aboi, who manages the shop said, “Since it was a new business the sales have been affected drastically. From the rent to the construction of the new shop, it has been a mess. We used to pay a rent of Rs. 4000 per month, now we have to pay Rs. 14000.” To a lesser extent, customers have decreased; their earlier sale of 300 cups per day has now reduced to around 230-250. Sunil, the owner of Teaze said that hopefully business will bounce back as customers will like the spacious new premises.

With buses from different locations to the DC office to start soon, Endpoint road will become much busier than before. Buses have already begun plying from Kundapura. The Regional Transport Office (RTO) plans to open its branch next to the DC office soon.

The DC plans to collaborate with Manipal University to expand the road from Syndicate Circle to Parkala by widening it to 80 feet. This is a stretch that serves as Manipal’s main artery. However, the details of the plans are still unclear.


Sub-edited by Garima Goel