Sufi music helps you connect with your soul: Kailash Kher3 min read

March 29, 2012 2 min read


Sufi music helps you connect with your soul: Kailash Kher3 min read

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With just one song to his name in 2003, he awed the Indian music industry with Allah ke Bande and carved a niche for himself in no time. In this not so long journey, Kailash Kher has enchanted the masses with flavours of Indi-pop, folk and sufi music. At 39, this singer, lyricist and composer have lent his voice to songs in 14 regional languages.

He performed with his band Kailasa, at Revels, the annual cultural fest of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) at KMC Greens. TMJ caught Kailash Kher for a short interview before his performance.

Here are excerpts of his brief interview with TMJ:

In a huge city like Mumbai, there are thousands of singers who are waiting for a chance to make it big in Bollywood. Tell us about your big break.

Everything happened by chance. I wasn’t very keen on singing for movies initially. I am a Sufi singer after all. During my initial period of struggle, I was working on an album. Then some people heard my voice and I was offered the chance to sing a song for the movie Andaaz. I decided to give it a shot and then things fell into place. Later, Allah ke Bande happened.

How would you describe your musical career so far?
It has been great. God has been extremely kind to me and I am fortunate to be a part of some really melodious songs. I have sung for regional films too and I am glad that the songs are being liked by everyone. People in the music industry have been very warm and welcoming. At every stage of my career, I have learnt something new that has helped me evolve as a singer.

For regional films, what efforts do you put in while singing in a language you are not familiar with?
I try to understand the meaning as far as possible because that is how one can connect with the soul of the song. I also practise a lot to get the accent right. I am glad that people have overlooked my pronunciation errors in South Indian songs and accepted them with great love.

Most of your songs have a Sufi touch to them. Any particular reason why you opt to do such numbers?
Entertainment is not a superficial and shallow concept. I compose songs which have a lot of depth and meaning. Sufi music is intense. It leaves you in a trance and creates a very strong impact. It helps you connect with your inner soul. Folk music greatly inspires me and I am glad that Bollywood has been including many Sufi and folk numbers. My band Kailasa recently launched an album Rangeele which is again a blend of Sufi and folk elements.

You have also judged several reality shows like Indian Idol and Kurkure Desi Beats Rock on. Are you planning to do more shows?
Yes, of course. I have been discussing certain projects but nothing has been confirmed as yet. Reality shows are indeed a great way to discover new talent.


Sub-edited by Priyanka Sharma