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Tremors cause emergency evacuations3 min read

April 11, 2012 2 min read

Tremors cause emergency evacuations3 min read

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Manipal: Tremors were felt in Mangalore, Udupi and Manipal on the April 11. As a precautionary measure, three buildings were evacuated in Manipal. The Manipal Media Networks(MMN) building, the Kasturba Medical College (KMC) interact building, where all the KMC lecture halls are found, and the old Chandrashekar girls hostel.

Situated at the centre of Manipal, all three sights of evacuation are highly populated areas.  As soon as the tremors were felt, an evacuation procedure was followed, keeping the safety of the people in mind.

Srinath D. Nayak, a security guard at the basic sciences building saw the situation at the KMC interact building and the hostel unfold. He recounted the events to TMJ, “At 3:00 pm, the students from the KMC interact building were evacuated as the students studying on the top floor, felt tremors. Then at around 4:30pm, the whole old Chandrashekar hostel was evacuated as someone reported a crack in the wall. It was a peaceful process, no one was hurt. There were ambulances on standby, but lucky no one was injured.”

Divya Parmar, a third year student at the Kasturba Medical College International Center (KMCIC) who lives in Chandrashekhar hostels said, “Around 4:00pm we heard the alarm ring, they asked us to take what we may need and leave the building. They told us that there was a crack in one of the walls of the building and keeping our safety in mind, they evacuated the building.”

Then later that day at 7:15pm, the ceiling of one of the ground floor rooms of the old Chandrashekar hostel cracked, which was followed by another swift evacuation. The girls who were evacuated were let in the building later at night, but were told to be on alert as the alarm would sound off if anything went wrong and another evacuation would take place.

K. S. Jaivittal, Estate Officer, Manipal University (MU) who arrived at the sight, a few moments after the evacuation with the chief warden, addressed the students gathered outside the hostel,“There is no warning given by the disaster management cell, as per this area is concerned. But we are being extra careful. We are in constant communication with the District Commissioner’s office and they have declared this area threat free.”

The Manipal Media Network (MMN) building felt the tremors at 2:40 pm. The maximum effect of the tremors was felt on the third, fifth and sixth floors of the building, which forced employees from all the floors to evacuate the premises on the call of the alarm.

It occurred at 4:45pm again where employees from third to the sixth floor had to evacuate the building. Smt Sandhya Pai, managing editor of Taranga was also present during the evacuation. However no casualties or harm to the building were reported.

“When people felt the tremors, they panicked thinking that the building was collapsing. However, people working on the ground and the first floors were unaffected and did not feel the tremors of the earthquake,” said Udaykumar Hublikar, assistant manager, Udayavani press, an official of MMN.


Sub-edited by Bhavani Seetharaman