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KSRTC hikes bus fares by fixed margins3 min read

April 12, 2012 2 min read


KSRTC hikes bus fares by fixed margins3 min read

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Manipal: The Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) have increased all their bus fares by a fixed margin, including the Volvo buses from Manipal to Mangalore from Rs 70 to Rs 80. The price of tickets usually increases during this time of the year, as the corporation hike prices in the summer before the holiday season.

On talking to TMJ, an official from Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC), who wishes to remain anonymous said, “In order to keep the corporation afloat, we need to have a steady flow of income.  But by keeping the bus fares constant throughout the year cannot ensure KSRTC the amount they need to function.”

Since April-June are the months where majority of the institutions have their vacations, the number of people travelling to holiday destinations increases considerably. During this time, KSRTC increases all their bus fares by a fixed margin. This hike along with the increased number of commuters, provide them with the revenue they desire.  As these months are at the peak of summer KSRTC increases the fares of their AC buses by a wider margin as well.

However, KSRTC’s Rajahamsa bus line is an exception to the price hikes. In order to avoid disruption in the lives of daily commuters, the fare of the Rajahamsa bus lines remain constant throughout the year.

“The price hike is too much. Even in the Volvo buses, I feel that the seats are too hard. I used to travel in them just for the AC, but now that they have hiked up the prices, I think that I will be travelling by the other buses because the AC is not worth that much,” said Vidhath.S, a final year student at the Canara Engineering College (CEC), Mangalore, who lives in Manipal and travels every day to college via the bus.

“It hasn’t been increased by a very big margin. It’s fine. Probably they want more money and since it’s the summer, they know people will be travelling by the AC buses a lot. That’s why, being business men they have hiked the prices,” said Kata Reddy, a second year student at the Kasturba Medical College International centre (KMC IC) who frequently visits Mangalore with her friends.

Rajaverma Ballal, the President of the Canara Private Bus Owners Association (CPBOA) said, “I think KSRTC has increased the prices, to make up for their current losses, but Rs.10 increase isn’t much.” He continued by saying, “Its summer and it gets very hot around here, so the number of people travelling via the volvo to Mangalore will not be affected. At least the students will still be travelling. But yes, the people at the bottom will definitely look for other means of travel.”

Karna.K, a bus conductor of one of the Volvo buses said “The frequency of students travelling from Manipal to Mangalore via the volvo busses will not change, but the price hike in the tickets of the Udupi- Mangalore route is a lot, form Rs 65 to Rs 80, so I have a feeling the number of people traveling from Udupi to Mangalore via the Volvo busses will decrease.”


Sub-edited by Bhavani Seetharaman