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New DC’s office location creates problems2 min read

April 19, 2012 2 min read


New DC’s office location creates problems2 min read

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Manipal: The District Offices Complex (DOC) that was opened last year in December includes the Deputy Commissioner’s office and 40 other government departments under a single roof. But placed at the end of End Point road, the DOC is far from the centre of the city.

There are two city buses that come up to the DOC in the morning. Mostly carrying staff, these buses halt in front of the building at 9:45-9:50 am. But there are no means of transport that can take the staff or even the people who visit the office from the DOC to the nearest auto stand. A person ideally, will end up spending Rs.60 to and fro from Udupi to DOC.

The new Regional Transport Office (RTO) that is being shifted from Malpe road to End Point road will be functioning by the end of June. Due to its location, the new RTO office will   increase the passenger flow to the area and hence give rise to the possibility of a bus stop in front of the office.

Speaking about the choice of location for the building, Prakash Bhat, personal assistant of the Deputy Commissioner said, “Manipal is a beautiful place and it provided us with the 14 acres we needed for this project.  Keeping the future of the staff and the people in mind, this location was chosen. We have built parking lots; we have a good canteen and a big auditorium. In the beginning, buses from TC to the office were provided for the staff, but not many people used it. They preferred to walk or hitch a ride with someone who owns a vehicle, so the buses were stopped.”

K. Rajaverma Ballal, the President of Canara Bus Operators’ Association said, “There aren’t many passengers travelling from Udupi and the other towns to the Deputy Commissioner’s office, say an odd 30 people or so in a day. It would be illogical to start a new bus route from Udupi to the DC’s office. I suggest that the private buses, already travelling from Udupi to Manipal should be granted permission to go all the way to the DOC.”


Sub-edited by Bhavani Seetharaman