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11 arrested in Manipal shootout case2 min read

April 22, 2012 2 min read


11 arrested in Manipal shootout case2 min read

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Manipal: Manipal Police arrested eleven on April 20, when they were planning to attack the residence of Mahendra and Anupama in Dashrath Nagar.

Golden Suresh, a local dacoit, who was arrested last month on the grounds of illegal entry and harassment at the Mahendra residence in Dashrath Nagar, was given bail and set free. In his attempt to attain revenge, he and his gang plotted another attack on the residence on April 20. The 14-men gang was caught, three having absconded, by the Manipal police on the day of the attack due to a tip given by an informant that the police wish to keep anonymous. As the gang members were brandishing Machhu swords, the police opened fire in an attempt to safeguard themselves firing only three rounds injuring no one.    

Charged with the attempt of dacoity, the men were arrested under the IPC sections 207 (Fraudulent claim to property), 399 (Preparation for committing dacoity), 402 (Assembling for the purpose of committing dacoity), 355 (Assault or criminal force with intent to dishonour person) and 120B (Punishment of criminal conspiracy). The complaint was filed by the Chief Inspector of Manipal, S.A. Thipannavar, on behalf of the government.

Mustafa, Vazeer, Guruprasad Shetty and Zakhir Hussain are four of the 11 men arrested on April 20, who are held in lock up for further questioning while the other seven men have been put in judicial lock up, awaiting their trial date. All the 11 arrested have existing criminal records in different districts of Karnataka.

“We are tracking down everyone involved. And now with the help of the four, we have in lock up, we will be able to get a hold of not only Suresh’s gang, but also all the big gangs that operate in and around Manipal. We will not let them continue with their crimes in this area, not under my watch,” said the Chief Inspector of Police, Manipal, S.A. Thipannavar.

Thipannavar added “It’s not the students who are most affected by these rowdy gangs. The students have campus patrol and security, but the local peoples are the ones who get pestered the most by the gangs. Now that we are on our way to cleaning up the streets, I am sure that we will get rid of these menaces.”


Sub-edited by Bhavani Seetharaman