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August 1 2012: TMJ goes live2 min read

July 31, 2012 2 min read


August 1 2012: TMJ goes live2 min read

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The Manipal Journal is back after a long vacation and it is time we get our reporting gear into action. We have a new team who is dedicated in making TMJ better than the best with a whole set of new ideas. The website over the years has passed the baton from one responsible team to another, who have carried out their responsibilities with passion and dedication.

We have realized, it is important to engage our readers and have an interactive communication with them. For every individual, there needs to be a platform for freedom of expression. TMJ wishes to be that platform. The TMJ Blogs section will be open to all, who wishes to contribute to this section with certain guidelines, which will be put up within few days.

Also, The Manipal Journal and Manipal Institute of Communication in association with Whitewhistle, Mangalore will organise a Right To Information (RTI) workshop in the MIC auditorium on August 11. The details for registration will be up on the website.

We also wish to tell our readers that TMJ will turn five this year on September 3 and there are few pleasant surprises for our readers. The feedback from our readers has been taken seriously and we will work towards the path of change, which TMJ has wanted over the years.

Amongst all these, our promise of providing our readers honest and unbiased journalism will never change. Here is wishing you a great semester ahead.

Sabari Saran


Meet the new team:

Editor-in-Chief: Sabari Saran

Chief of Bureau: Shilpa S Ranipeta and Tasneem Jivi

News Editor: Bhavani Seetharaman

Features Editor: Priyanka Sharma

Chief Photographer: Rinish Ravindra

Technical & Web Design Head: Debsourabh Ghosh


1) HarshaPillai

2) Bhavya Balakrishnan

3) Haneyl Jacob

4) Khyaati Jain

5) Mahima Singh

6) Nishara K.P.

7) Shalini Ghidiyal

8) Tarush Bhalla

Sub editors:

1) Shikhar Shiv Mittal

2) Urvashi Ajmera

3) Toshia Kader

4) Shiv Nair


1) Mark Alphonsus

2) Srija kotagiri

3) Dhun Jain

4) Samarth Upadya

Advertising and PR:

1) Priyanka Kumbhat