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St Aloysius College hosts seminar on films and society1 min read

July 31, 2012 2 min read


St Aloysius College hosts seminar on films and society1 min read

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Mangalore: The Department of Mass Communication at St. Aloysius College, Mangalore held a one day seminar on ‘Film as Social Commentary’ on July 30. It was hosted by Stalin K, a media and human rights activist and documentary film maker.

Stalin talked about the various social issues that are persistent in the media today and how as journalism students and film makers one needs to understand the need to bring these social issues to light. He said that the films that make us questions our pre-set ideas of the world are the films that matter. Stalin went on to urge the audience to react to all that goes on in the society, whether it be by holding a protest or writing a blog about it, according to him doing nothing is unacceptable. Extracts from Stalin K’s Film “India Untouched” were screened and discussed.

A protest in regards to the incident where girls were beaten up by activists in Mangalore was held at St. Aloysius College outside the hall where the seminar took place. Despite the two events being held simultaneously, both saw large turnouts.

“We are happy with the number of participants. We didn’t expect so many students to attend,” said Rev. Dr Richard Rego, Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Mass Communication, St. Aloysius College.

Amanda Lobos, a first year BA student at St. Aloysius College said, “Interacting with Stalin sir is such an experience. All the issues that he addressed here today, I now look at them in a different light.”


Sub-edited by Shikhar Mittal