Delay in construction of hostels causes inconvenience for many2 min read

August 5, 2012 2 min read


Delay in construction of hostels causes inconvenience for many2 min read

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Manipal: To accommodate the increase in number of students this year Manipal University (MU) has proposed to construct five new hostel blocks. One new girl’s block that would accommodate 240 students and four new boy’s blocks that would house 240 boys each were part of that plan. But due to the disturbed rain cycle this year and other reasons the construction of these blocks were delayed.

Having already paid the hostel fees, students who were allotted rooms in these new blocks have been provided with temporary accommodations, mostly within the campus itself and at ‘Broadway’ (a lodge which comes under the MIT hostels and is near Big Boss hotel). The food court is far from Broadway and has proven to be troublesome to travel all the way to the food court at night.

Varghese Sam, a second year student at the Manipal institute of Technology (MIT) told TMJ, “They weren’t very clear about when the hostels would be ready themselves, but from what they were saying I thought that the hostels were going to be ready when we got back for the New Year. But when I got back, the hostels weren’t near ready.” He said, “When I went to the chief warden’s office it was crowded with other kids who didn’t know where to go. We were only informed the next day that we would be provided with temporary accommodations till the hostels were ready, but looking at the construction progress I don’t think that will be anytime soon.” “I have been allotted a room in the basement and this room wasn’t even meant to be given out,” he added.

“They told us that the hostel fees of the seventh block will be deducted from the hostel deposit we paid for the new block. And since we will be joining the new block late, that deduction will be compensated for with the time we spent at the seventh block,” said Shreya Kiran, a second year student at the Manipal institute of Communication(MIC). She added “When we got to Manipal they told us the girls block will be ready by the August 5. I’m just coming from the chief warden’s office, now they are saying that we can shift into the new girl’s block by the August 15. I hope that they don’t keep postponing the date.”

Commenting on the issue, Col. CMS Kalakoti, Chief Warden, MIT hostels said, “For the boys, four blocks that seat 240 students each are coming out. Out of those four, one was supposed to have been constructed for this new semester. But because of the delay in construction probably due to the rain, the block wasn’t made on time. Temporary accommodation has been provided to all the students who are affected. Everything is going according to plan and the students need not worry.”


Sub-edited by Bhavani Seetharaman