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Saligram artists perform Yakshagana on ‘Maya Meghana’1 min read

August 5, 2012 2 min read

Saligram artists perform Yakshagana on ‘Maya Meghana’1 min read

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Udupi: The Saligram community performed Yakshagana with the latest concept of ‘maya meghana’. The event was held at the Poornaprajna auditorium in Udupi on August 5. The event was organized by Shri Seetharaman and Shri Krishnamurthy Bhat.

The auditorium saw an outpour of Yakshagana fans, with almost 700 tickets being sold out. The event was also graced by Yakshagana’s oldest comedian Shri Ramakrishnan Nayak Kunja and the remaining members of Udupi.

The artists were dressed with resplendent coloured outfits, head-dresses and lots of make-up and face paint. The himmela which is traditional background music and a mummela which is a dance and dialogue group helped the artists with their performance.

Yakshagana in Udupi is performed only during the rainy seasons, because after the rainy seasons the Saligram artists are on a six month tour performing at various cities in India,” said Shri Seetharaman, event organizer. This year Udupi witnessed Saligram’s latest performance on the story maya meghana, a concept which is just a year old.

“My uncles are well known artists of Yakshagana in my native place, Gunavante. I grew up watching them perform and they inspired me and lead me to become a Yakshagana artist myself. I love what I am doing, this is my life,” said Rajesh Bhandary, the youngest artist of the Saligram community.

“I am interested in Yakshagana and since maya meghana is a new concept, I am here to see it,” said Ramkrishna, a businessman who came to watch the performance.


Sub-edited by Bhavani Seetharama