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Udupi’s largest mosque Jamia Masjid offers separate prayer hall for women2 min read

August 10, 2012 2 min read


Udupi’s largest mosque Jamia Masjid offers separate prayer hall for women2 min read

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Udupi: With a capacity of accommodating almost 3000 worshipers and built over two acres of land, the district’s largest mosque, the Jamia Masjid was inaugurated on August 10 in Udupi.

The Masjid stands three-storeys tall, with the basement comprising of a prayer hall separate for women capable of accommodating 400 women at a time with the ground floor being the main prayer hall. The complex also includes a parking area.

Janab Hidayathulla Abbas Saheb from Uchilla (who funded around 90 percent of the construction), inaugurated the Masjid. During the event he encouraged the youth of the community to come forward and build institutions which are supportive to the society.

“I believe this Masjid is a one of a kind as it is surrounded by roads on all four sides. For the moment, we plan to give away scholarships to almost 200-300 students pursuing medicine, engineering, etc. from the rent collected from the complex,” said T. S. Budan Basha, President of Jamia Mosque Managing Committee. He also stated that they intend to build Muslim hostels and hospitals for women within the compound.

Speaking exclusively to TMJ about Wakf properties, Janab R. Abdul Riyaz Khan, Chairman, Karnataka State Board of Wakfs, and also the Guest of Honour for the event stated, “There are 40,000 Wakf institutions in the country and these are properties passed on from our ancestors. Once a Wakf is made, the person who donates the property decides for what purpose it should be used.”

Speaking about the encroachment of Wakf properties he added, “Due to insufficient surveys and lack of fencing, Wakf properties usually fall prey to the government. Almost 60 percent of the Wakf properties are lost due to encroachment by the government and their conversion into state offices. Furthermore, the information that all revenue from these Wakf’s go to the board is also incorrect.”

Farukh Shaikh, a student from Karnataka State Open University, Mysore said, “The new Masjid helps to accommodate a good number of families. The increased capacity of the Masjid will not only help have a good gathering but allow men and women to offer prayers under the same roof and hence strengthening the unity fabric.”

Moulana Mohiyuddin Jeelani, Khateeb, Jamia Masjid, Udupi performed the Juma Khutba and Namaz. Later in the evening a ‘Souharda Iftar’ was also organised on the occasion of the inauguration of the mosque.

Other dignitaries who graced the occasion were  Janab K.S. Mohammad Masood, Ex Member, Legislative Council, Mangalore; Moulana N.K.M. Shaafi Sa’adi, Member of Karnataka State Board of Wakfs and President, Mysore Zone;  Moulana Saleem Umri, President, Jamat-E-Islami Hind, Dharwad district; Moulana Sanaulla Umri, Islamic Da’awa Centre, Udupi; Moulana Masiullah Khan Qasimi, Jamat-E-Tableeg, Indrali, Udupi.


Sub-edited by Bhavani Seetharaman