Impact week 2012 gives talent a platform3 min read

September 3, 2012 3 min read

Impact week 2012 gives talent a platform3 min read

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Manipal: Hundreds of smiling faces were shining bright after screening their talent in various art forms at B. M School, Parkala in a rural talent search organised as a part of Impact Week 2012. Organised by AIESEC Manipal University (MU), Impact week 2012 was held from August 27-September 2. The whole week was scheduled into six different events for seven days and a rural talent search was hosted for the first time as one of the events.

The week commenced with a blood donation drive on August 27, which was held in the Kasturba Medical College (KMC) blood bank. In total, 42 units of blood were collected from the drive. On the second day, a mock parliament crisis session was arranged dealing with discussions relating to pollutants present in the Ganges and what measures can be taken to prevent it from further degradation. The third day hosted the event spread some love, in collaboration with ACT (Animal Care trust), Mangalore. It included a stall consisting of rescued animals set up at the MIT open Cafeteria and the MIT food court.

The fifth and sixth day were engaged with the rural talent search. The event was organised in association with the MIT student club Mafia at B.M school, Parkala. The event was organised for the students falling under the age group of 10 to 15 years and who are talented in any form of dance, music or art. There were in total twelve winners who got mementoes and certificates and in addition these winners will be getting special training from the experts in dance, arts and music from Udupi district

The concluding event of the week was Balkalakar(BKK) which was held on Sunday. A dance and drawing day with lot of other activities like origami and games for children were organised. The event was organised in association with Help, a student run group which works with NGO’s. BKK was organised with three NGO’s; they were Akshay Patra, Mangalore, Sri-krishnen Bal niketan,Udupi and Namma bhoomi, Kundapur.

“I really appreciate what AIESEC is doing for the society, for the children. It’s the first time I am attending such event and I am really glad by looking at the amount of dedication and hard work everyone has put in spite of being students. AIESEC is a platform which can give these underprivileged children that exposure level which they are refrained from,” said Karunyasagar Dasa, President of Akshay Patra Mangalore Unit and President, ISKON temple, Mangalore.

“I really liked the whole concept of organising such events for children and giving them such opportunities, which help in bringing out their hidden talent into the limelight. Children these days are very talented and all that is required is a platform to bring out their talent. And I am really glad that I’ll be teaching some talented underprivileged children that form of art (dance)which would have been impossible for them to afford,” said Manjree, teacher in Srishti Nritya Kala Kuteera, Udupi.

“This time our events were really good, we have tried making Impact Week bigger and better than the last year. We have made it big by making it a seven day event and tried being innovative by including new events. We included some new events like the rural talent search and spread some love for animals, in order to leave an impact in people’s life,” said Bhanu Jain, Organising committee of Impact week.


Sub-edited by Bhavani Seetharaman