Living the dream – Five years of TMJ7 min read

September 9, 2012 5 min read


Living the dream – Five years of TMJ7 min read

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This is the current core team of The Manipal Journal. The fifth core team, fifth anniversary… things can’t get better. We are privileged to be part of the first TMJ milestone.  Let’s hear from everyone.


Sabari Saran says:

“Never leave reporting. You know the reason why you are given better stories to do,” said Shivakant on the farewell day in 2011. I had never seen a dedicated person like him in my entire life. His zeal made you work harder. Later, I saw the same passion in the eyes of Vrinda and Garima. I grew up as a reporter and they guided me throughout my two-year journey.

Today, as the Editor-in-Chief, I don’t know how much I meet their expectations but surely there can never be a better replacement. But what I carry forward is the same passion and zeal that I saw in them.

Reporting for an independent website and at the same time being the student of a University can place you in uncomfortable positions. There will be officials who would be curious, some will blatantly try to impose their power but in many cases some support you as well.

I was out for a story, getting quotes, talking to people, when one of the MU officials came, inquired what I was doing and without explanation asked me to leave. He asked me to produce my combo card, took a picture from his mobile and asked me not to do the story. I came back, told my editor and we decided to publish it, since we didn’t see anything wrong in it.

What matters is you should always be able to answer your conscience. That is something I learned that day. If you can do that, you are always on the right path.

Bhavani Seetharaman says:

With a sense of reluctance and scepticism I remember joining TMJ in my second year. The sincerity in my belief that writing is an art and cannot be forced to be produced at specific times is something I still believe in today.  But what I learnt from TMJ is something more than the art of writing well, flowery words do tempt me from time to time, but the truth is TMJ gave me a work ethic. And that honestly is worth more than any faux-Dickensian work I could have been writing at that point of time. Truly speaking I have learnt from TMJ that the best writers aren’t the best reporters and what makes reporting a bigger challenge isn’t just the time constraints but a reporter’s creativity while being given a dull topic to cover. In some sense you could even say a reporter has to be more creative than a writer, before I joined TMJ I wouldn’t have believed that. That love for writing still resides in me today and TMJ has just opened my eyes to the various other possibilities that writing can offer.


Priyanka Sharma says:

They thought I was dumb, they told me I was a fool, they said it was too big a risk to take, they called it a big mistake.  My decision to take journalism after studying Science in school wasn’t obviously seen as a smart choice, half hearted smiles at my decision was the most generous it could get. But my mind was so gripped by the idea of studying in a media college that I could never take them seriously; to be honest journalism was the field I could see myself working in. So then it happened, I was being taught the a,b,c  of media, the why’s, the how’s  and the who’s of journalism were always being talked upon. But sitting in a class has never produced a journalist, forget about a good one. Honestly, writing a story is not something anyone can teach or something you can learn from anyone; it happens only when you are out there. And that is where TMJ came in for me. I still remember how a taunt from a friend brought me to the website, “You want to be a print journalist and you are not in TMJ,” he had said.

I was jumping all over the place when my features editor praised me for my first story. And one year later, when I stepped into her boots, I knew the opportunity to experience and learn more had doubled. The passion with which the reporters and your colleagues work for the website just amplifies the trust in true and just journalism. Thank you so much, TMJ.


Shilpa Sudhakar Ranipeta says:

I never thought of myself as a good writer. My English essays never fetched me satisfying grades. Though I didn’t know much about reporting, it was something that interested me deeply. I initially joined TMJ just to see if all my pre notions about the field of reporting were true or not. I wasn’t sure if I was good enough. But a lot has changed since then. I can never forget that meeting in which I was applauded for my first report. That is where it all began and today, I have gone a long way from being a mediocre writer with probably no nose for news to now being in this position of writing this blog as the Chief-Of-Bureau of the website. What TMJ has taught me is priceless. I grew not only as a reporter, but also as someone with immense dedication and passion for the work I do, especially for this website and for the field of reporting. I developed a nose for news and a true sense of what unbiased journalism is all about. And all of this is what TMJ has taught me. Today, what I do for TMJ is purely out of the love I have for this website that has nurtured in me for the past two years.


Tasneem Jivi says:

Receiving the first praise, ‘You write well’ from my first editor-in-chief was such a heavenly boost especially for a person whose poems constantly got rejected in English classes or never participated in a debate for the fear of not having the right words. That one line still keeps me going. TMJ as a team has helped me overcome the negatives and fostered positives. If I were to describe TMJ as a person, it would be – straight forward, creative and helpful. About the experiences in TMJ, all I would say is that there could not have been a better souvenir to take back to Tanzania. Cheers to those who were and are a part of TMJ.


Rinish Ravindra says:

The Manipal Journal made photography happen to me. One of the major reasons I took up photography was TMJ. It has shaped me, and hopefully I have been able to shape the journal equally. It changed my perspective and has made me immensely responsible. TMJ has been a part of me for more than two years now, and I have made many resilient bonds here. Knowing people and looking at life through the lens of my camera has been brilliant. It brought me out of my cocoon and helped me explore myself and the world around me. It’s been a spectacular journey, a journey that made life for me as I know it now.


Debsourabh Ghosh says:

It all started one year back when I saw the poster of TMJ recruiting for Technical Team and Photographers. Designing, coding and photography has always been my territory of love. I applied without thinking of what I was going to do as the concept of online journalism was comparatively new to me. From the very first day of joining TMJ, I could see the unbroken passion for pure journalism and nothing else. I started off as a photographer and also in the technical team. I captured events with reporters and also helped maintain the website. I never thought that a small town like Manipal would have so much to offer. Today after a year of working with TMJ as the technical head, I am proud of it. The successful launching of the website and the new design elements in the fifth anniversary of TMJ is a remarkable milestone. I would like to thank Aditya Pillai and Sabari Saran for trusting me with the website and giving me an opportunity to work as the technical head.


Team 2012 – Present

Editor-in-Chief: Sabari Saran

Chief of Bureau: Shilpa S Ranipeta and Tasneem Jivi

News Editor: Bhavani Seetharaman

Features Editor: Priyanka Sharma

Chief Photographer: Rinish Ravindra

Technical & Web Design Head: Debsourabh Ghosh