When the dream came true – Back in 20102 min read

September 9, 2012 2 min read


When the dream came true – Back in 20102 min read

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This is the third core team which took over in 2010. The editorial team could only get a reply from one of its members. Let’s hear what he has to say.

Shivakant Menon says:

It is perhaps the most over rated number in our world – this number 5. First grade teachers explained to us about ’rounding’ numbers to multiples of 5, not because it was important in theory but because it has been useful to them practically. From tea shop Annas to auto rickshaw drivers (especially Manipal’s) this concept of rounding figures to multiples of 5 in a way plays a crucial role, economically… What a bizarre and pointless thought. Well honestly, it is because I really didn’t know how to start writing. All I know is that today TMJ is 5. It has reached the socially accepted round digit. And it is palpable that TMJ has matured, over grown its own inception-al idea. The beauty of it all was that with every passing team and year the idea simply got better and stronger. Today, it is not even the same site that existed in the previous years. It looks different, it feels different and it gives out a new vibe, one that is experienced upon meeting a new un-knowing dog. Why its admin home log in page does not even recognise its previous inhabitants any more. But its elegance, its panache, its ideology continues to draw us all. TMJ is 5. And today I am just another reader of it. (If I sounded like a father whose daughter just left home at night with her boyfriend for the first time, then trust me, it is because I have my own reasons.)

Take care

Shivakant Menon was Editor-in-Chief (2010-11)


PS: Anusha Ravishankar, News Editor is missing from the picture. 


Team 2010-11

Editor-in-Chief: Shivakant Menon

Chief of Bureau: Anwiti Das

News Editor: Anusha Ravishankar

Features Editor: Divya Lad

Chief Reporter: Soubhik Ray

Sub Editors:

Aditya Ramachandran

Nikhil Kumar

Tanvi Sarah Banwar

Zeba Talkhani

Chief Photographer: Suraj C

Technical & Web Design Head: Siladitya Ray