When the dream came true – Founders of TMJ6 min read

September 9, 2012 5 min read


When the dream came true – Founders of TMJ6 min read

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The Manipal Journal has turned five and the celebration is incomplete without the ones who gave birth to TMJ, raised it and made it look, what it is today. The editorial team tried contacting everyone who was once a part of TMJ core.

This is part of a series of blogs that we’ll put up as part of our five years anniversary celebration.

Hear it from our founders. From where it all began.


Ragamallika Karthikeyan (Founding Editor-in-Chief) says:

If you want me to pick up memories from the TMJ days — there are so many, from the day we decided to start a website, to the day we actually started it, to the day we finally handed it over [somewhat reluctantly ;)]… to even after we left Manipal. Stories of how hard we worked and how much fun we had in the process…

But today, I’d rather not talk about what I did with TMJ. Today, I want to talk about what TMJ did to me: it taught me what team work is, and it taught me to love it.

TMJ taught me that there are times when you have to buck up, take the lead and get the work done. It also taught me that there are other times when you need to follow the lead, and follow it well, and working with this team taught me that, that doesn’t make you any less important. And then there are times you need to show faith -in the people who you are working with, and in yourself, for choosing to follow through on what, for many, would only be a dream. Pick up the slack when someone’s having a sluggish day; ask for help because there’s nothing wrong in it; push your team to greatness and in doing so, drive yourself to your potential.

TMJ taught me to love work, even on the shittiest day when the universe seems to be conspiring to put you down. Because Team TMJ was, is and will always be awesome 🙂

Happy 5!

Ragamalika works on the output desk of Times Now. 


Ramanathan Subramanian (Founding Chief of News Operations) says:

I can’t say much at this point. But I know this undoubtedly, three years in mainstream media, facing the real world; TMJ is still the best project I have worked on. This was a dream which became a reality, with no regrets and no conditions. All we had was passion, and some hard work. And to look back at the beginning, and look at the site now, it’s exhilarating. Makes me proud, gets me ticked on to do something. It is with that excitement that we started it, worked for it. That excitement is still alive.

I am proud, and thankful to you guys for keeping it alive, and making it better. I must concede that I am jealous. But, surprisingly, it’s not because you are ‘meddling’ with what was once our baby, but that envious feeling that you still can work on TMJ.

TMJ laid the foundation to my career, no exaggerations there. It taught me to work hard, and as a team. I learned that you have to respect the team, even the juniors. When you fall down, you get up and walk on.

I think it is also a good time to thank Raga, who was the person to come up with idea. Anadi was the man who designed, and Nitya and Ashima and I did all we could; got it up and running. And with no hesitation, I think I did a great job too ;).  We later had a huge team, with some of our closest friends and classmates, and we rocked.

To the present team, no boring advices guys, but enjoy these moments, cherish them. Be proud. Work hard, keep the site updated and up there, and have a kickass year end party!

Ramanathan is working as a Reporter, Times Now.


Anadi Athaley (Founding Technical Head) says:

No one had heard of TMJ when we initially began, and a lot of people made fun of us, even called us self-indulgent and the website, a waste of time. I remember when we first launched our marketing campaign, which underlined the number of stories, number of hits in one year. The posters were printed, small stickers were printed, which we all religiously put on our laptops, and small kits were specially made for the Manipal University(MU) officials, so they become aware of us. And we stuck these posters at various places in Manipal. It was a very enthralling moment for all of us. The next day, Ragamalika forced me to go to the Counsellor’s office, against whom she had written a story, hence I had to go. So when I entered her cabin, and presented her the kit, along with a small introduction of TMJ, the Counsellor said and I quote, “Yeah I have heard about it, I have read it too. You guys have written a lot of things, yeah…so tell me; are you Ragamalika?”…I flushed and had no words to say! After five years when I look back at all those crazy things we did, I realise we have finally matured to becoming a responsible media organisation. To TMJ!

Anadi is currently a student of Film Editing at FTII, Pune. He won an award in Italy recently for his film and is busy working on a movie in Chhattisgarh.


Nitya Balakrishnan (Founding News Editor) says:

The Manipal Journal: Rags’ brainchild set up because five MIC-ians wanted to do something more with their lives on campus – Take baby steps into journalism while making optimum use of the college, infrastructure, access to resources and facilities.

Right from the first minute of first meeting, what TMJ taught me was the sheer importance and thrill of team work.

Honestly, did I believe TMJ would be flourishing, rebranding and “kicking ass” at 5? I seriously hoped so, but would have not wagered on it. So happy and proud to see this day!

To the teams that have kept it running since we’ve moved on, and ones that are gearing up to take over: TMJ is the platform to lose yourself in ‘idealistic journalism’! The kind, that you can indulge in only at college. Make the best use of this time and opportunity – when you can pursue stories that you desire; when you are truly the master of your work; where journalism is at its purest and untouched by any external pressures 🙂

TMJ is a blessing: grab it with both hands and make the most of it! Love and luck to everybody involved at various points in time.

Nitya is working as a Reporter, ET Now.


Ashima Shenoy (Founding Features Editor) graduated from LV Prasad Film Institute last year and has been working on films and documentaries. She is currently working in the cinematography team of a Tamil serial Dharmayudham. And yes! She is getting married next week on September 17.  We wish her a happy married life. 


Founders (2007-09)

Ragamalika Karthikeyan

S Ramanathan

Ashima Shenoy

Nithya Balakrishnan

Anadi Athaley


General Advisory Board Members

Shaz Mohammed
Sara Mohammad Siddiqui
Aashika Jain
Ruchika Sharma
Nina Chengappa
Akruti Rao
Bibhash Dash
Venkat Desirazu
Surbhi Mittal
Joanne Rodriguez


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