When the dream came true – Since 20112 min read

September 9, 2012 2 min read


When the dream came true – Since 20112 min read

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This is statistically the fourth core team; but we would say they are still part of us. The love and passion for TMJ still makes them write quick short-mails; guiding, complaining, appreciating and suggesting things which matters and would make a difference.

Garima Goel and Vrinda Manocha say:  

If you are scouting for idealism, you should flip through the pages of a high school magazine. Its unabashed opinions and personal narratives go much beyond the ranting of students completely oblivious to appeasing the reader, or the authorities.

We entered TMJ with this sense of idealism, with little idea, or regard for diplomacy or reverence, which is a hallmark of many professional media stalwarts today.

As TMJ reporters, we never abandoned our romanticisms, but learnt something new: the reality check.

Working for the website took the textbook out of journalism. It forced us to jump from step one to step four in situations where following the manual was out of the question.

In a student town as seemingly self-contained as Manipal, we wanted to tell people that there are undercurrents that don’t always break through its polished veneer.

We reported and photographed the ordinary and the unexpected, sometimes unknowingly irreverent but never intentionally insensitive.

Knowing that what goes up on the website could be seen, and scrutinised, by anyone with an informed opinion, forced us to steer away from the temptation of one-sided views and towards the necessary, though sometimes less satisfying, impartiality.

It was never about the page views or the ‘likes’, it was just us, a motley crew of college students,  drafting stories that made life in Manipal much more than a tea-time anecdote.

Garima Goel, Features Editor (2011-12)

 Vrinda Manocha, News Editor (2011-12)


Team 2011-12

Editor-in-Chief: Aditya Pillai

Chief of Bureau: Mridhula Raghavan

News Editor: Vrinda Manocha

Features Editor: Garima Goel

Sub Editors:

Lijo Thampy

Narayanan G.

Vibha Iyer

Natasha Mendon

Chief Photographer: Rinish Ravindra

Technical & Web Design Head: Debsourabh Ghosh