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Temple town celebrates Sri Krishna Janmashtami2 min read

September 10, 2012 2 min read

Temple town celebrates Sri Krishna Janmashtami2 min read

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Udupi: Sri Krishna Janmashtami, the festival celebrating the birth of the Hindu deity Lord Krishna was celebrated at the Udupi Krishna temple on September 8 and 9. The two-day event, which was conducted by the Sode Vediraj Math, witnessed a turnout of over 3,000 devotees from all over the country.

The occasion of the birth of Sri Krishna was celebrated on the September 8. “It is a very special day for those at the temple,” said Srinath Achar, Public Relations Officer at the Math. “The Lakshya Tulsi Archana was performed at 10 pm. It was followed by the Argyapradan (offering milk to the idol of Krishna as an infant) at midnight. These events marked the birth of lord Krishna.” Throughout the day, cultural events such as Muddu Krishna (fancy dress competition for children) and Huli Vesha (tiger dance) were held.

The norms of the celebrations require all those who are a part of the temple fast for the day. “However, over 164 varieties of dishes were prepared. It will be distributed to schools and other organisations in the vicinity. It will also be served to those who come to the temple,” said Achar.

The second day, also known as Vittla Pindi, consisted of a series of ceremonies that commenced the early hours of the day. The maths at the temple organised events such as tug of war (for adults) and fruit eating competitions for children. The events on the second day were briefly interrupted by rain, but were back on schedule as soon as the skies cleared up. “The festival is really colourful,” said Marlies Bloemendaal, a designer based in Mumbai. “I have seen many Indian festivals, but this one is exceptionally bright. Everyone is so involved in the activities that are happening,” she said.

The procession bearing the idol of the deity drew thousands of devotees from in and around the state. The Utsav Murthy was placed inside the chariot that went around the complex of the temple. Events celebrating the childhood of Lord Krishna, such as the Mosoru Kuduke (breaking the pot), were held multiple times by different teams. Swami Vishwa Vallabha Teertha, the Paryaya Swami (Chief Priest) at the temple, threw various food items to the crowd.

The organisers had also arranged for a troupe from Mumbai to form the human pyramid for the event that requires the breaking of the matka. “I had never seen anything like it,” said Jonathan Seel, a tourist passing by Udupi. “The men were so fast in forming a structure that was so tall. The celebrations really gave me a glimpse of the Indian culture,” he said.

“This year, the festival is being celebrated on a larger scale,” said Shana Kamini, a resident of Udupi.  She added, “This is the second time I’m attending the Janmashtami celebrations. The events just keep becoming more and more extravagant.”


Sub-edited by Bhavani Seetharaman

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