CCTV cameras to be installed in Manipal to increase “security”3 min read

September 15, 2012 2 min read

CCTV cameras to be installed in Manipal to increase “security”3 min read

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Manipal: Manipal University (MU) along with the district Police came forward with the idea of increasing the number of Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras in and around campus; a measure aimed at increasing the security of the students due to the sudden rise in crime.

In a recent meeting with the district and MU officials along with the Manipal Police, a lot of issues were discussed regarding student security in and around the campus. Keeping this in mind, MU came up with the initiative of inserting CCTV’s in the campus in order to monitor the students’ activities.

Speaking to TMJ, Dr. G. K. Prabhu, Registrar, MU said, “We are really concerned about our students’ safety, especially after experiencing cases of theft, accidents and eve- teasing. According to the recent details, lot of complaints have been filed against such issues. And in order to avoid such events in the future we have taken the initiative of inserting these CCTV camera’s which will act as a preventive measures against such deeds.”

“Our main intention behind placing CCTV’s in Manipal is to make it a better and safer zone for the public as well as the students. A town like Manipal doesn’t have proper traffic management and due to this the rate of accidents is quite high as compared to other places. So, with the help of the government and MU we are trying to improve the traffic near Tiger Circle, near Syndicate Circle,” said Pratap Reddy, Inspector General of Police (Western Range).  In addition to this there are a number of bars which give permission to students to drink publicly which is against the laws. And with the help of these cameras, we can control that to a major extent and keep an eye on the culprits,” he added.

There are already 138 CCTV cameras and 12 Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras installed in the campus and soon there will be many more.

Supporting the initiative, Saniya, an MIT first year student said, “The crime rate in Manipal has suddenly increased. Every day we hear some story about the public nuisance like eve teasing or we hear about some laptop or mobile phone being stolen. So looking at the present scenario I think inserting of CCTV cameras in the campus is a good initiative by the University, for the students’ safety. Installing a CCTV camera is a common initiative but they should make sure that serious and immediate actions are taken against immoral activities so as to guarantee our safety.”

Opposing the idea, Aarti Kumar, an MIT second year student said, “According to me, CCTV cameras are not a good idea because they are a complete violation of student privacy. The atmosphere created by the cameras will be stifling and many normal things can be easily misconstrued. It might help in reducing the traffic but I don’t think it is in anyway going to be helpful in the control of accidents. And related to students’ security, we still do have 138 cameras right now but still there is no control on theft.”


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