TMR exhibits V3 vehicle after Wisconsin tour3 min read

September 30, 2012 3 min read


TMR exhibits V3 vehicle after Wisconsin tour3 min read

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Manipal: After returning from BAJA Collegiate Competition in Wisconsin, Team Manipal Racing (TMR), the official off road racing team of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) exhibited their vehicle V3, in front of the Innovation Centre at MIT on September 26- 27 during their college technical festival TechTatva.

This was the third time TMR was participating in the four-day BAJA (pronounced as BAHA) Off-road Collegiate Competition, organised by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). They secured an overall of eightieth position. The team was pitted across more than 100 teams from Korean, Japanese and Canadian Universities as well as against the niche Ivy leagues from the United States.

The BAJA Championship is a blend of static as well as dynamic events.  Static events comprises of an inspection of the technical and design aspects of the car including an overall assessment of the built of the car manufactured. Dynamic events are instead an assortment of normal races like acceleration, sled pulls, suspension and manoeuvrability, etc. On the final day, a four hour long endurance race is conducted to test the durability of the vehicle, in which new obstacles are introduced after every fifteen minutes.

“Our participation in Wisconsin is always highly appreciated. Apart of the basic set of rules and composition of the car, every year a new rule book comes up with overall 500 or more rules. On the first day we passed the technical inspection qualifying us for the dynamic race events. Our best performance was at the manoeuvrability race where we stood 44th out of 120 teams. During the endurance race, held on the final day of the event, we could not complete the race as our vehicle was towed out three times. However, only nine teams in total could complete the race in the end,” said Siddharth Singh, the team leader and captain of TMR.

Later, he added “We usually judge our performance in the BAJA championships by looking at our scores. Our score was 287 out of 1000 points, which is our highest at any of the BAJA championships we have participated in the past. Also, we are the first Asian team to complete every aspect of the dynamic event.”

Priyank Rana, a third year Mechanical student of MIT, as well as a part of the suspension team for TMR said, “The minute the four wheels of our vehicle was locked and we passed all the technical tests; we were jumping in the air. It was a very satisfactory feeling instead. For the American Universities, it was a vacation but for us the championship meant a lot.”

Speaking to TMJ, Dr. Krishna Murthy, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Faculty Coordinator, TMR said, “Our students’ hard work has landed them a comfortable position. One of the major problems for Indian teams and Asian teams are the lack of logistical requirement, because we have to carry all our logistics with us, contrary to the American teams who have it present right there. Considering those difficult situations our students have done a great job making us all proud.”

The vehicle has been modified and improved into V3i in order to participate in the national BAJA championships (to be held in Indore in March 2013) and is sent to Bangalore for tuning. Also, according to the team, the vehicle to be the contender for the next BAJA championships V4 is already in the design stage.


Sub-edited by Urvashi Ajmera

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