KMC organises fourth annual walkathon for World Heart Day2 min read

October 2, 2012 2 min read


KMC organises fourth annual walkathon for World Heart Day2 min read

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Manipal: Around 300 people donned in white t-shirts and caps were seen outside the building taking part in Kasturba Hospital’s fourth World Heart Day Walkathon 2012 on September 30. Dr. Col. M. Dayananda, COO of Kasturba Hospital claimed, “This walk was to create awareness amongst the public about cardiac related deaths.”

He went on and said, “Cardiac diseases are the second or third most common reasons that causes death and there are no age barriers for a victim to succumb to this unfortunate disease. People especially in India and Asia are more prone to becoming victims compared to western countries.” A booklet was provided regarding cardiac rehabilitation for patients to support them and help regain their health.

Vittaleswar Alapati, one of the participants from Manipal and a cardiac patient himself was glad that such events were being introduced in Manipal. “I hope it does raise awareness,” he said and echoed the Colonel’s words, “nobody’s an exception.” He also joked it would be a perfect opportunity to reduce carbon footprint.

The walk took the participants around Manipal, starting at the building then to DC office, followed by Endpoint and Tiger Circle (TC) finally back to the .edu building again.

After the walk, ‘Hruday Spanda’, known as the Manipal Heart Club was launched where 100-200 people got a concessional cardiac check and were offered the Manipal Arogya card. Dr. Somu G, a doctor working for the Kasturba Hospital said, “It is a good event to create awareness and market our facilities.”

Although the Walkathon was much publicised by Kasturba Hospital, there was a low turnout for the event. When Dr. Col. Dayandnanda’s opinion was asked he said, “It’s a Sunday! A holiday – many people would not make the effort to get up. The general public is just not interested.”

However, Sri Sushmitha Goli, a first year student of Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Manipal said, “I am taking part because it’s nice to go for an early morning walk.” She also hoped this event would raise awareness.


Sub-edited by Bhavani Seetharaman