Techtatva 2012 gets a cultural touch2 min read

October 2, 2012 2 min read

Techtatva 2012 gets a cultural touch2 min read

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Manipal: Techtatva 2012, the technical fest organised by Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) focussed on more cultural events this year with an increase of events in both technical and non-technical categories. This year the fest was from September 26-29 with the theme of “Q.E.D”, which is an abbreviation for “Quad Erat Demonstradum”, meaning hence proved.

This year’s techno-fest included a huge variety of non-technical events like Paintball, Swadesh (which was a treasure hunt) and large number of stalls. The main attraction was the inclusion of the Literary and Debating club (L&D) in a technical fest. This was the first time L&D got the chance to perform in TechTatva which saw a good turnover. They in total had five events; technical quizzes, debates, interactive sessions, potpourri and creative writing.

A popular event which caught everyone’s attention was RC-Fuel. In this, self-designed cars were presented and judged on their performances in four different categories suspension system, power, speed and cooling system. A club named Mean Metals stood first in this category.

Another crowd puller was the innovation challenge named Avishkar. The challenge was about presenting any technical idea or model and the best idea would be selected by Honeywell and the winners given an opportunity to intern.

“The whole concept of keeping the theme Q.E.D was to prove that TechTatva lives upto the standards of a technical fest,” said Shivhari Shankar, the technical secretary at the student council of MIT and the core member of the Organising Committee of Techtatva.

Vardhan Jain, President of MIT Student Council said, “Every year we try to improve Techtatva in one or the other way and this year we tried to introduce something new by introducing Avishkar, RC-Fuel and L&D which pulled out the maximum crowd in terms of the participants and the spectators. And the best part about this change was a large number of non-technical institutes also were interested in our events. So I guess this is the biggest achievement of Techtatva 12.”

“This was the first time we got the chance to put up our literary skills in technical fest and we did well in all our events. The main vision behind including a literary club was to give a technical fest a cultural touch to make it interesting and approachable for the non- technical institutes,” said Priyanka Shukla and Shivangi Singh, members of the Managing Committee of L&D Club.


Sub-edited by Bhavani Seetharaman