Dramanon holds its third annual Comikaze2 min read

October 14, 2012 2 min read


Dramanon holds its third annual Comikaze2 min read

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Manipal: Dramanon (Dramatist Anonymous), an independent English theatre group, held its third annual Comikaze, at Syndicate Golden Jubilee Hall today. Bringing something new to the table, this year’s Comikaze was a series of 10 consecutive short plays, around 15 minutes long each, which unlike the last two years only showcased two plays at a time.

Intermingled with comedy, they also introduced a musical (Too Late for Happiness), a tragedy (Playing Dead) and also an intense drama (Borys the Rottweiler) for the first time in its Manipal Comikaze history. Dramanon, known for reenacting existing plays, also had one original play, Playing Dead.

Sridhar Prasad, the production manager from Dramanon, Bangalore claimed they introduced these new genres because if they “stuck to comedy alone, it would be too one dimensional.” He said, “Manipal’s students have grown and can relate to various kinds of theatre now. Because of previous Comikazes, comedy has become Manipal’s staple diet. This is the first time we’re introducing these genres here.” When asked how he believed the students would react to these new genres he replied, “If they can accept it in movies, why not theatre?”

Minal Chaturvedi, a second year student at Manipal Life Sciences Centre (MLSC), believed it was more exciting to have more plays and it was also much better organized. She said, “I even took time out of my exams to attend this year’s Comikaze.”

Ishita Basu, a second year student at MLSC praised this concept saying she “preferred this as there was more range.” She continued, “I definitely enjoyed the musical and loved the plays put up especially by Dramanon, Bangalore.” She also believed there was brilliant casting on the actors’ behalf and that the standard had risen compared to the previous year.

However Aarti Kumar, a second year, Biotech MIT student had a different perspective. “At least the first half wasn’t as funny as it’s supposed to be. I mean it’s Comikaze after all. Being cute is not being funny.  Some actors weren’t convincing.” However she did have a positive output to give as well. “Some plays really stood out like Fate Steady Hands and Sure Thing. I really like the plays Dramanon,  Bangalore put up,” she said.


Sub-edited by Bhavani Seetharaman