KMC hosts third Cardiology Update2 min read

November 4, 2012 2 min read


KMC hosts third Cardiology Update2 min read

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Manipal: The third Manipal Cardiology Update, was organised by the Department of Cardiology, Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Manipal on November 1 at the Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) Auditorium. The event was organised by the post graduate student of KMC to raise awareness and inform students about cardiology related diseases and the medical management of cardiology issues.

The update featured half an hour long talks and presentations from various lecturers from KMC Manipal and KMC Mangalore. This year they also introduced for the first time live video streaming demonstrations of cases being directly shot from the Cardiology CAD Lab in KMC.

This update was held to inform the students about the recent advancements in technology that can help prevent and detect these diseases and pass on the information to the lay people. It also informed what is new in the field of medicine as well as the new controversial syndromes that are now surfacing in the cardiology scene. A quiz for the MD students was held at the end of the event.

K. Pramoda, a PG Pharmacy practicing student said, “This year there was a lot more publicity for the event as last year it was only announced to the medical students while this year it included all the other branches of KMC.” She hoped to “learn something new with the discussion of the new updates and diseases.”

Dr. Nividetra Prabhu, an Assistant Professor of the Senior Grade in the Department of Physiotherapy, said, “This year’s update has improved drastically especially technological wise, by the introduction of the live video streaming.” However she added, “There should be an increase in the number of days so more topics and more areas could be covered.”

Many important other pressing issues were raised during the inauguration, such as how Udupi’s infant mortality rate is less than a year. Every year, more than one lakh students from standard 1-10 also succumb to heart diseases.


Sub-edited by Bhavani Seetharaman