MAP to reopen soon2 min read

November 7, 2012 2 min read


MAP to reopen soon2 min read

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Manipal: On February 1, the Manipal University (MU) Anatomy and Pathology museums were shut down for renovation. The Museum of Anatomy and Pathology (MAP) was to re-open on July 1 however, it has been nine months since the museums were shut down, and the exact date of the opening of the MAP remains undetermined.

The museums that have been converted into the Specimen Center and the MAP have been under construction since March. For the revamping of the interior as well as exterior of the building, MU has invested an estimated Rs. 2.5 crore.  And with the changing of the fluids, even the specimens have undergone maintenance.

Claiming the opening to be on November 10, Dr. Antony D’souza , head of the Anatomy department at  the Kasturba Medical College (KMC),MU said, “There definitely has been a construction delay. I have no complaints against the quality of the work they (Idiom Design and Consulting, Bangalore) have done. The museum looks brilliant, but what bothers me is that their time management is pathetic.”

However, Kiran Kakde, Design consultant at Idiom design told TMJ, “My work as Design Head started on 11 April 2012, so any claims that construction started before that, would not hold valid. The construction delay from the main contractor’s side, together with the various requirements that kept popping up from the museum committee, has caused a delay in the completion of the project.”

When asked about how the delay of the museum is affecting the academics of the students he added, “The students haven’t lost anything .  The museum is meant for their reference. All the specimens that you will find in the museum are present in the labs for educational purposes as well. So technically it isn’t affecting the students.”

He further went on to explain that it is the public that is most affected. According to the museum committee, the project (MAP) was meant to open on July 1, at the beginning of this semester, but due to some discrepancies with the various contractors and the museum committee, the opening date of the project was pushed to October.

“We have always had high standards. After the project was finalised on paper in February, we kept adding to the already set designs. That, along with some contractor faults has led to the delay of the project,” said Dr. Kanthilatha Pai, professor at Kasturba Medical College International Center (KMC IC) and head of the museum committee. She added “I would say that the museum is 99 percent ready, we want to make sure it is 100 percent done before we present it.”

The museum and the specimen center are awaiting technological finishes. With state of the art computers, equipped with all the latest software that is necessary in the field being fitted in the specimen centre to provide the students with the best educational environment, to the AV briefing that will be presented to everyone who visits the museum, MAP has high expectation from many.


Sub-edited by Bhavani Seetharaman