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January 19: A semester towards progress1 min read

January 19, 2013 < 1 min read


January 19: A semester towards progress1 min read

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A new year adds a fresh page to everyone’s lives. It’s a reminder of the fact that another year has passed. But at the same time it is also a moment to reflect on the changes that we need to make as individuals and as a society towards progress. We at TMJ aim to be part of that progress.

As we were away from this town for our vacations, this country witnessed a phenomenal reaction on a gang-rape case that happened in the capital of the country. This incident made me ponder on those instances where I had heard few of my female friends being harassed or eve-teased by bunch of guys. An easy defence mechanism in these cases was ignorance. This veil of ignorance only helps in magnifying the wrong-doings against women which day-by-day ads up to more atrocities.

As responsible citizens and media persons, we’ll try to ensure that women in this town no longer are entertainment to mute spectators and that strict legal action is taken against the trouble-makers. Though the situation might not be the worst comparatively, we mustn’t wait for such incidents to happen to create a reaction, like it usually does in most cases.

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We wish all our readers a happy and prosperous New Year.


Sabari Saran