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Rotaract Club visits Calvary old age home2 min read

February 4, 2013 2 min read


Rotaract Club visits Calvary old age home2 min read

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Manipal: The members of the Rotaract Club of Manipal visited the Calvary old age home as part of its Community Contact Program (CCP) on February 3.

Located near Udupi, the old age home is a division of the Calvary Temple Trust and houses about eight members. The students of the club spent around two hours with them on Sunday, interacting with and talking to them.

The residents of the old age home also got involved with the students, answering their questions and even energetically dancing with them to some music that they had brought along. While in conversation with them, they learned that some of the old people had been living there for years now.

Saroja, a resident of nine years, had been left there by her mother’s brother and he visits her from time to time. Speaking about her life there and how she felt about the students visiting them, she said, “We usually spend the day helping out with the cooking and cleaning, which I don’t mind. I’m happy here, although I do like to go out and roam around. However, we need permission to do that and unfortunately, we don’t get that too often. So it’s nice when other people visit us.”

Rotaract Club of Manipal, under its Community Contact Program, visits orphanages, old-age homes and schools for specially-abled people every Sunday.

On being asked why they organised this outing and how often they do it, Ananya Misra, one of the organisers of the CCP said, “Rotaract club is a social club and so it is our responsibility to do our bit for the society even though it may seem like just a drop in the ocean.”

“Moreover, it helps an individual grow at a personal level as well. So we organise these events every Sunday to contribute to the society in some way,” he added.


Sub-edited by Bhavani Seetharaman