Aaina showcases the “unheard” voices of Kashmir1 min read

February 6, 2013 < 1 min read

Aaina showcases the “unheard” voices of Kashmir1 min read

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Manipal: The dramatics club of Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT), Aaina, showcased a Hindi play in the library auditorium on February 3, being the first one produced of its kind.

The play, “Ansuni-The Unheard Voices” was based on the struggle for freedom of Kashmir and about the concept of Jihad and Azad Kashmir. Set in Kashmir, it revolved around a Muslim family fighting a few army officers in lieu of what they call “Azad Kashmir”.

Speaking about the relevance of this issue among the audience, Deepankar Tripathi, Director of the play and Creative advisor, Aaina said, “With Ansuni, we tried to hit some chords which have never been touched before in Manipal. It was all about living the true human emotions on stage and not just acting them out.”

Rudrashish Bandyopadhyay, an MIT first year student said, “The story was not that great but the actors did a brilliant job in portraying their respective characters.”

Adding on to this, Varun Rajaram, a first year MIT student said, “I liked the lighting and sets of the play. It was very impressive to see the actors continue acting even when the lights went off for a while. However, some parts of the story were quite predictable.”


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