TechWeekend v13.02 meets mixed response2 min read

February 6, 2013 2 min read

TechWeekend v13.02 meets mixed response2 min read

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Manipal: TechWeekend v13.02, a national level inter IEEE-Student Branch technical festival held from January 31 to February 3, at MIT main campus, was greeted with mixed response from the participant’s side.

‘Water Rocket’, an event held on the third day of the tech fest registered nil participation. On being asked for the reason behind the dull response, seeing the fact that 20 teams had registered, the organisers fell short of an answer. On being probed further, Siddharth M. Sawjiani, Operations Head, said, “This event was preceded by a two day workshop wherein participants were asked to practically apply laws of physics taught in class by launching a rocket fuelled by water and deploying a parachute to land it safely. The workshop was well attended but I have no clue why nobody turned up for the main event.”

‘Mega Mind’, ‘App Dev’, ‘Wave Shaper’ and ‘Fast & Furious’ were some events that gathered decent crowd but ‘Grey Hunt’, a treasure hunt-cum-technical event was a clear crowd puller with 24 teams registering. Targeted mostly at the first years, photos or clues of various places around Manipal were released to the participants upon performing specific technical tasks. With eliminations along the way, the team that solved all the 10 clues first was adjudged winners. Anushtup Biswas, a first year, Mechanical student, said, “We have been told to make a hydroelectric turbine as our first task. It’s actually very interesting as it’s a technical task related to our branch. We are hopeful of winning this treasure hunt.”

Apart from the main events, some informal events were also held in this span of four days at Kamath Circle. Francis Antony, Co-Convener, said, “These events are stress busters for the participants who have to perform under immense mental pressure during the main fest. There are various fun games where we are giving out free coupons as prizes.”

Conducted by the IEEE Student Branch, Manipal, TechWeekend v13.02 is the fourth edition with its tag line being ‘Where Grey Matters’. It had 20 events spread across seven categories. As a part of the four day fest, six Pre-TechWeekend workshops from  January 19 to January 30 were conducted like Photoshop Workshop, Web Development Workshop, Image Processing Workshop to name a few.


Sub-edited by Sabari Saran