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DC office re-enforces 100m cigarette selling rule2 min read

February 11, 2013 2 min read

DC office re-enforces 100m cigarette selling rule2 min read

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Manipal: The office of the District Collector, under the orders of DC Dr. M. T. Reju, raided and banned the sales of cigarettes in various shops around Manipal on February 9.

Within hours of the ban, the sale of tobacco products in Manipal reduced drastically. In conversation with TMJ, Dr. Reju stated that there was ‘nothing new’ in the action that has been taken. “It is a well known fact that shops that are within 100 metres of educational institutions are not supposed to sell tobacco. This law was simply being enforced. From time to time, we keep track of it. With the number of people who are available, it is not possible to have someone to concentrate on this matter at all times,” he said.

However, the sale of cigarettes has also been banned at shop well outside the 100 metre mark. “We were told to stop selling, so we did. I didn’t want any trouble,” said the owner of a popular store who wished to remain anonymous.

Dr. Reju confirmed that the ban was indirectly influenced by the recent incident in Mangalore where seven students were taken to the police station for allegedly smoking cannabis. “Also with the elections coming up, our vigilance on these matters is rising,” he said. Many small shops, which were run without Trade Licenses, were closed down.

Even with the sale of cigarettes hard to come by, the re-enforcement of the ban has received mixed reactions in the student town. While most students simply complain about having to walk a little extra, Ashley Cherian, second year student of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Manipal Institute of Technology said, “Frankly speaking, I’ve wanted to quit smoking for quite some time now, so in a way, I’m not complaining. This ban is definitely doing its job, cigarettes are hard to come by now.”


Sub-edited by Sabari Saran

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