Sevanti Ninan and Faking News Founder speak on day two of Article 192 min read

February 23, 2013 2 min read

Sevanti Ninan and Faking News Founder speak on day two of Article 192 min read

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Manipal: Manipal Institute of Communication (MIC) witnessed two interactive sessions on the second day of its annual fest, Article 19, on February 22. The speakers for the day were Sevanti Ninan and Rahul Roushan.

The day started with an interactive talk with Sevanti Ninan, Founder, The Hoot, about ‘media matters-reality and remedy’. She discussed matters relating to free press, censorship, media inequality and ethics. She also spoke on various cases like courts taking up hate speech, the ban on Vishwaroopam, controversy over Mani Ratnam’s new film ‘Kadal’ and the like to highlight the hold on the supposed freedom of speech and expression in India. Later, she focused on journalism and censorship. “Another form of censorship, though we don’t see it as such, would be assaults and threats,” she said regarding media censorship.

On the subject of media inequality, she explained how majority newspapers ignore North-eastern states on countless occasions, but she does not blame class prejudice for such inequality. She ended her talk with a discussion of how ratings-led news is now an issue and also how faux news, not necessarily news, is flourishing.

The next session was with Rahul Roushan, Founder, Faking News, assessing relief from main stream media-blogs and fake news. He talked about the difference between traditional media and new media, mostly the internet. The aim of Faking News is to come up with a comment for current affairs.

According to him, journalism has become a process which involves interaction with consumers. Though most journalists boast of objectivity, in his opinion it is not possible. Most great journalists were ideologically biased and that was what set them apart. He concluded by saying, “People aren’t intolerant towards satire, they’re intolerant towards criticism”.

The night ended with Express Awards, with much celebration. The awards ceremony was inaugurated with the release of a sky lantern, and was followed by a cultural show. The winners included entrees from L.V. Prasad Film and TV Academy, MIC, Manipal University Bangalore Campus among others.

Among the dignitaries present were Dr. M. V. Kamath, Honorary Director, MIC and Prof. Varadesh Hiregange, Director, MIC.


Sub-edited by Urvashi Ajmera