Eduwealth launches ‘Praxis’ for the first time in India1 min read

March 1, 2013 < 1 min read

Eduwealth launches ‘Praxis’ for the first time in India1 min read

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Manipal: Eduwealth Pvt. Ltd., a Singapore-based games and animation company launched its commerce-related board game ‘Praxis’ in Manipal and later conducted an inaugural round of the game at Department of Commerce (DOC) on February 22.

The first of its kind to be promoted in India, Praxis is a board game that takes you through real financial crisis and involves various concepts of business and finance. The game has been launched previously in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia and hopes to reach out to a wider audience.

Speaking about the main objective of launching this game, Hemant Doshi, Founder and Director of Business of Eduwealth Pvt. Ltd. explained, “The whole concept behind this game is to make learning business and financial concepts like working of the stock markets entertaining and informative at the same time.”

When asked about the relevance of this game in terms of syllabus, Manikaditya Badyal, a third year Bachelor of Business Management (BBM) student, DOC, explained, “It is the only game that stimulates real life situations and helps us to establish the correct path of action within limits of the game. It provides self-induced learning instead of a root learning system.”

However, Naina Malayil, a first year BBM student, DOC, said, “The game does not have a clear end and gets monotonous during the later stages.”


Sub-edited by Urvashi Ajmera