AIESEC felicitated at a workshop conducted by Basics Foundation2 min read

March 17, 2013 2 min read


AIESEC felicitated at a workshop conducted by Basics Foundation2 min read

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Manipal: A workshop on ‘Curing the cancer of mind’ was held at Chaitya hall, Fortune Inn Valley View Hotel on March 16. The workshop was conducted by Basics Foundation, an amalgamation of doctors, engineers and other working professionals that use the knowledge of ancient texts to shape values in the youth.

The program began with a felicitation ceremony for AIESEC, Manipal University. The chief guest Dr. N. R. Rao, Professor of Medicine at Kasturba Medical College (KMC), stated that malnourishment is the biggest enemy of the country. He said that it is sad that children come to the schools for a plateful of rice, rather than to learn. He then lauded AIESEC for working with Akshaya Patra in ensuring that students in government schools received proper nourishment.

“It was a great experience. We had two projects with Akshaya Patra last year as a part of our Global Entrepreneurship Program for incoming interns, of which Project Umang was the most successful. These projects were extremely successful thanks to the constant support from Akshaya Patra. We’re planning to do a couple more projects with them this year,” said Suryachandra Kambhampati, President of AIESEC, Manipal University.

The workshop was then conducted by Srinivas S. of Basics Foundation. An Electrical Engineer by profession, Srinivas teaches life skills based on the Bhagwad Gita. The workshop entailed a discourse on the importance of conquering the mind with spirituality. He explained that negative thinking was the true cancer of the mind and that one must conquer the mind through spirituality to achieve greatness.

The interactive workshop was divided into four sections: why control the mind, mechanism of the mind, understanding the owner of the mind and finally methods of controlling the mind. The workshop concluded with a brief question and answer session.

On asking why it is important for the youth to be attuned to spirituality, Srinivas told TMJ, “Today’s youth is distracted by unwanted things; things not relevant to their careers. Their attention gets diverted. By turning our attention to Vedic scriptures, we can achieve greater stability of the mind.”

Navraj Shubham, a third year Electrical engineering student from MIT said, “The workshop was very thought provoking. I found it fruitful.”

However, not everyone found the workshop completely satisfactory. Dhaval Doshi, a first year Electronics and Communication student from MIT said, “I felt it was extremist to an extent. The workshop wasn’t completely secular. I think some of his methods need to be rationalised. Why does controlling the mind have to be connected to spirituality? When the Gita says that humans should be linked closer to each other, why should we always turn to God?”


Sub-edited by Sabari Saran