Living in hostels to be mandatory for MIT students2 min read

March 25, 2013 2 min read

Living in hostels to be mandatory for MIT students2 min read

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Manipal: The latest circular to hit the notice boards, issued by the Chief Warden, MIT hostels states that it is mandatory for first, second and third year Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) students to stay in hostels with effect from August, 2013.

Shashank Sarbada, President of the MIT Student Council said, “The decision has been taken by the administration and I’m sure they must have taken into account a lot of factors before bringing out this notice. They want more and more students to move into hostels so that they can ensure the student’s safety.”

But the students have already started registering their opinions regarding the same on a certain social networking website, with majority of them not in support of the decision. As soon as the news broke out, students started carrying out online polls showing their clear defiance.

Commenting on the kind of response the circular has garnered from the students, Sarbada said, “As of now, we can’t say anything for sure, but if the majority students are against this notice, then I’m sure the administration will take into account their point of view.”

Stating out reasons for not being in favour of the decision, Anshuman Mishra, a second year student of Instrumental and Control branch, MIT, who stays outside, said, “Staying outside on your own is a lot cheaper than staying in hostels. For a single year, my expenses come to about Rs. 80,000 including rent, bills, A.C., food and everything. But staying in hostels itself is not less than one lakh. It is simply not worth it.”  His flatmate, on the condition of anonymity, added, “Plus, the perm time is also not an issue. I can walk in and out of my house anytime.”

The circular also stated that the whole hostel allotment process for 2013-2014 will begin from April 25 and the hostel allocation list will be up on the Manipal University (MU) website on June 15.

Another compulsion is to use mess facilities. “The students will have to be a member of one of the Messes. The option to shift from one mess will be available twice in a semester (at the end of every month),” states the circular. Anant Pathak, a first year MIT student who is in favour of the mess rule said, “The food provided here is healthy and we don’t contract any diseases easily which is not the case when one eats from outside. I have seen my friends who suffer from one or the other illness because they eat outside.”

Despite repeated attempts, C. M. S. Kalakoti, Chief Warden, MIT hostels refused to comment on the matter.


Sub-edited by Sabari Saran

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