Utsav Day three: Time restrictions prove a challenge for some2 min read

April 13, 2013 2 min read


Utsav Day three: Time restrictions prove a challenge for some2 min read

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Manipal: Day three of Diamond Utsav witnessed a few displeased participants over the shorter time limit imposed on the western vocal and dance performances held at KMC Greens on April 13, despite the official Utsav rule sheet mentioning the reduced time slots beforehand.

Akhil P. from Manipal University Teaching Department (MUTD), a contestant from the Western group dance said, “I have participated in Utsav before and usually our time limit was for six to seven minutes. This time they have limited us to five.” A student who wished to remain anonymous from Manipal College of Dental Sciences, Mangalore, participating in the Western vocal complained, “They should at least allocate one minute for sound check. It was unfair that they included it in our total four minutes of performance as the sound check is out of our control and we end up exceeding the time limit.”

However Winola Peris, a second year student from Manipal Institute of Communication, who was a participant of the Western vocals (solo) said, “I was fully aware that the four minutes allotted included sound check and set up. I first came to know about this from the cultural secretary of my college, and thereafter was reminded about it a couple of times by both the lecturer co-ordinator and the cultural secretary. It was a clearly stated rule.”

When asked about the shortened performance time, Dr. K. Sridhar R. Pai, the Secretary of the Cultural Coordination Committee of Utsav informed TMJ that the number of colleges participating for Utsav this year had increased. Usually celebrated for five days, this year the festivities were condensed into four days. He added, “It is also the time of election and people are objecting to loud music being played after ten in the night. This is why we had to hurry through all the performances.”

The itinerary for the day also consisted of creative and literary events which were conducted in the Interact building followed by Antakshari and Western vocal. There was a change of venue for the poetry writing contests from the building to the Interact building due to the distribution of health insurance cards (Arogya). However, the contestants were not perturbed by this change as they were well informed four days before.

Day three saw Kasturba Medical College (KMC), Mangalore lead with 94 points, followed closely by KMC, Manipal with 92 points.  Manipal Institute of Technology was third with 74 points.


Sub-edited by Mahima Singh